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No referendum, no quorum: 16% vote. Race: «Now renovated»


No referendum and no quorum: Voting 16%

The Desirable The Advisory Board is administered by the Public Transport Board in Rome That's it, Did not arrive Quorum 33% are considered to be considered least from capitol. Just 16%. Mayor Virginia exults Rays: "The Romans want to keep the public for the public and now work for revival." Oommen Chandy was more than 70%.

Seats ended at 8 o'clock. At 4 pm, only 9 percent of the votes were cast. Khos of some of the reports on radicals had prevented some citizens from voting because they did not need this consultation but they had no election card. You are also excluded from any claim that you have provided all the information that is appropriate for the Seats.

The 33% quomometh set is set for referendum and the radicals do not fit into the capitol: "In our opinion, there is no quota in this opinion poll because it has changed the law by canceling a quota." We will evaluate, "he added, adding 386,900 voters registered 2,363,989 registered voters and 25.25 percent of the votes were cast in San Lorenzo-Paroli, the lowest in the sixth vote of Torah Bella Monaco.

"There are reports of serious incidents that can not prevent many citizens from using their voting habits," said Richard Magi, consultation promoters, Francesco muggiardi, and Radali Rome's secretary, Simon Sapienza.

Many are frustrated from voting for many from voting in voting. Additionally, some seats can not access people who are disabled, others move, and almost all of them have no policeman. Today we will record the violations of all the news we need from the exact location, "they promise.

"Magi calls out:" Let us be partake in partnership! "Capitol 5 Star Front (referendum supports looking) Mayor Virginia Ragi and in the afternoon, after the vote, the president of the Pentastellato poll conducted by Henry asked gatagatasamitiyute in the morning. Prakatippikkentat Your comments during the Democratic pradhanamanennatinmappuram». Sinkartti, never Rev. his laksyattekkuricc Exclude, as jenriliyeani.

The CampaignoLiOly specifies that "seats have been given accurate information" about the possibility of voting for the polls, even if no electoral card or identification document exists. "A single case was reported to the Delegated Services Division, which was immediately resolved with the direct communication with the respective polling station." In the afternoon, Campaignoglu has underlined "all presidents of the seat to repeat the content of the 55th article on communications." To do so, the paragraph says that a document of voter recognition should be shown. Voters registered in the category lists are allowed to vote even if they do not have a polling card. If the election manifesto is prepared, the President should not record the vote. The voters in the polling station with identification and election card are the only purpose of identifying the category of voters in order to accurately define polling activities. Since a section is no longer closed, it does not determine at school, as the sections are shut down or shifted. In this context, with the changes in section possible, notice issued to the voters on the notice of the Rome Capital website gave prior notice. A poster posted in the city area, especially in Plessy. "All the voters who want these movements, as usual, have been added as a special sticker card card card», this note ends.

In today's meeting public opinion: PD, F, uninstalled industrialists, for example, stand for liberalization; M5S, Lega, for Leu-SI and unions. ATAC (a municipal in-house public in-charge now in the capital) confirms that the consultation directly affects the future is the lowest of the voters. Campaignogly recognized the need to reach 33.3% of the quarry. This will not be necessary by promoters because recently the law abolished the consultation of referendum citizens. The disagreement will depend on TAR as per the approval time of the legal change.

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