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On November 16, 2018, the stock markets and expansion of the stock market


9.38 – Gray newspaper with finicker (+ 3%)

Let's get started The stock market Off Milan. Stocks with the biggest capital are just half a percent (+ 0.48%) of the index. Not so Meeting Flohenche Asthalti, Always auctioned at auction (+ 22.6% theoretical 0.52 euros) Salini Imriilla (+ 0.6%). Good Finch (+ 3%) has announced a 200 million euro contract in shipyards Windster Cruises. They can achieve Bermo (+ 1.5%), Not many (+ 1.7%) e Retour (+ 1.7%); Luxury Ferram (+ 1.7%) Münchler (+ 0.9%) after birth, rise again. Oil Benefits Saippe (+ 1.2%) ed ENI (+ 1%). Turn on Purchases Tim (+ 0.5%) Sunday Board stating new ad is waiting, after departure Amos Genish.

09.13 – Strong Freeze ASTALDI

The FIG Asthalti For Pisa, price hikes across the exchanges. + 15.86% marks the theoretical jump of € 0.52. Yesterday Salini Imriilla The Roman General contracted a preliminary and non-binding performance for construction assets in the repairs of the contract. Sally has an earnings of 0.53%.

09.05 – Plead optimism

The The stock market Off Milan The index rose by 0.7% Meeting That is 19,038.47 points.

08.38 – The Empire opens in low grain

The Leave out Between Bump And Bund It had gained 310 points and hit 311.1 points. 3.475 percent profit. Yesterday's morning was a little less than 313 points.

08.11 – Tokio at mineral price

The uncertainty of the result in the discussion Brexide After the sales revenue of Nvidia video game chips USA, the consequences of technical stocks Tokyo Stock Exchange In the last session of the week. The Nikkei closed down 0.57 per cent to close at 21,680.34. At the Interbank Foreign Exchange (Forex) market, the price of oil fell by 113.30 dollars. The value of euro is 128.50.

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