Wednesday , June 23 2021

Places made by the history of the Motories Motor Valley

The area of ​​Modano is also known as the Moto Valley along with Bologna because the major world brands of high end motor racing are located here. You can see a high tower when you start this tour in Modena Maserati Because the Masadati brothers established their company 100 years ago in the local capital, not only of Bryansk but also the symbol of Bogona. But since 1937 our city has been replaced by Ciro Menotti. Adolfo Orscione is a well-known businessman. That is far away Enzo Ferrari Christmas House The archaeological workshop was started through this historic workshop. It has now become a museum. Like ignoring contemporary architecture and everybody amazed. Instead of moving to the suburbs of Modena, Summit Panini Collection, The largest in the world of Maserati brand. The first Italian cars, a collection of racing cars, made the history of the races through the names of the remaining bikes. Instead the new headquarters move to MaranelloFerrari CompanyIn 1943, Drake Modena left. The company is famous for its entrance gate and one of the most important air tunnel in the world. You can still visit Maranello, not far off Enzo Ferrari Museum About 180,000 visitors are collected each year. Finally, the terminal Castanurco in Modena's Province ends in the San Sezuro near Emilia.Pagani Company where is that? Museums One year was inaugurated Horacio PaganiThe story tells this great engineer who wrote a personal story in Motor World in order to achieve technical and artistic results in the world record cars in the world.

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