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Polio-alarm: a case in Italy, 90 crossings in the US – the chronicle


Pavia, 16 November 2018 – Flakyheet is a case of maltitis Acute Neurological disease is a disease like polio, The disease was found in Italy by virologists Pavia's San Mato Polyclinic. The symptom of the polio is very similar to those of a known poliomyelitis, kidnapping a child with the consequence of an enterovirus D68 infection (EV-D68). The typical character takes the division of the image Respiratory Syndrome That's very serious In rare cases, it will increase the risk of stroke Nodisvevana Daksham, Sushumnash, Encephalic Thai and Cortex are flashes by colonization.

In the Laboratory, 23 new commands started this year and inform the structural information about the virus's blood transfusions. A patient, A child, Now affects bicycle joints Really in recent years This syndrome is intense in America. Leading Viral Laboratories Fosto Baldanthi, Poasiya University, With the group Sandra Bindah and Elena Panini from the University of MilanIn early November, a rare neurological mood was found. Even today, the baby has given himself a hospital, doctors report Its condition is the station. Two years ago, the D-Virus was trapped in a laboratory.

According to the latest information In America, myelitis has been confirmed in cases FLASH SYSTEM WITH CHILDREN IN THE UNITED STATES In 27 states, they became 90. "The Chronicles concentrated on the state of the United States," says Baldanta, but "AntiVirrus D68" Rising issues in EuropeItaly itself. If we look at the observational data, the experts consider the wide range of respiratory syndromes, 1-2% EV-D 68 connected. This is an epidemic that is always infectious Antonio Pirilla, Virus Baldanti Group – but usually shows Trend trend, one year faster than oneNext year it's a bit less, as we have seen two years ago, when the new case was registered in the last locked fluid stroke related to E-Dail.

Mathew's Virology of Mathew Years collaborate in poetry Reference Center Directly from Banda to Milan Stallay. "We notice that after a diagnosis of acute flashchil myelitis from EV-D 68 Genetics of Epidemiology – Baldanti explains – Analyze the viral genome if we spread the world or present the details Mutation related to large-scale attacks"With the existence of" Laboratory Endowers D68 "existence has been approved by the years," a cluster of public characteristics, but slightly different from other EV-D68s. "The aim of scientific publication is to provide information.

Thanks to the observation work carried out between Milan and Pavia, to add experts,Over time, the D 68 endowers have evolved Creates genetic distinct subtitles that simultaneously propagate. "And" a specific diagnostic test is not available in the market and has been developed. Molecular test. The days of the National Amphibian Congress, which were new to Rimini, were new to these days Italian Clinical Microbiology, Whose management includes Baldanti). "In that position – declaring a specialist – we've set up a research group National monitoring network Because this virus is no longer present, specific reference to eD. 68 is "identification of this endosavier At least 6 children were found in a hospital in California Respiratory infections In 2014, there was an outbreak in America 1,153 confirmed cases, including 45 complications with geological diseases. Two years ago in Europe, we found 29 fluid strokes related to this enthusiasm.

On June 21, 2002, Italy declared independence polio Officially certified. The last two autonomous cases in 1982 and observations of polio positive observation have been observed. Like all lung diseases, general hygiene recommendations for hand washing can be prevented. "In the meantime, in America, polio-related infections can not be prevented, but the number of cases that took place this year has reached 219. Of these, there have been some formal confirmations when analyzing 80, but others have doubts and the reports of new infections are repeated.

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