Saturday , February 4 2023

Poseo-ionized multiple sclerosis patients develop axis cesare


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"The person with disabilities has taken steps, can do everything, but there is still the idea that the disabled man should be in bed." During the Milan press conference, "Multiple Sclerosis Associations and Health Mutual Cesare Poseau" announced a signing of a contract to allow these serious and diseased disease patients to participate in the Milano press conference & # 39; Interview with President Eisen Roberto Amadiyah Complementation of health care and related affiliate programs, which are excluded from today. Amedo, not only in the hands of the IAS, but also a symroxis-infected amedo, describes the different kinds of difficulties that a person may face in the daily life.

"Multiple sclerosis is a very strange pathology, which makes life hard for you, and you'll adjust your cards within days," he says. "For example, the right to work: Sclerosis is a pinch of symptoms, this usually is a laserone, does not like to work -Adodo or adds sphiner flaws that carry you, many times the bath does not do it yourself, but it Emergency ".

And there is a medical scene: "There is a wheelchair linked to a number of schizophrenia, but not today, but there are symptoms that are more hidden and more difficult," President Aeseme warns. Amadiyah says, "If you think of sclerosis today, if you do not think that sclerosis will not be forgiven, it's incredibly expensive and highly risky, but they assure you are an active part of society." Encourage Cesare's involvement with Posose.

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