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Production Record in Nissan, Sunderland – Auto World


Manufacturing plant Nissan She is the first in the United Kingdom in Sunderland, which reached the height Generated 10,000,000 vehicles. Since production began in 1986, average two cars were built every minute.

Steve Marsh, Vice President of Nissan Sunderland Plant, Manufacturing, said: "Ten million vehicles production is a big achievement for anybody who has a relationship with a plant. To reach this goal, our high qualified staff needs all the ingenuity, commitment and strength, many of whom come from the north-east England. Together, Since the year, we have decided to continue to enhance the quality standards of our customers. "

The ten million cars were one Nissan Kaskhki Tech Vivech Blue With technology technology, which helps the driver during a single-lane road or highway, steering, acceleration and braking, in heavy traffic or high-speed driving conditions. The propriet has been designed so that the driver always keeps on a steering wheel; The driver who always controls the vehicle. The latest crossover is 3.4 million vehicles, the most produced model from the Sunderland plant, followed by about 2.4 vehicles produced by Micro.

The first car made in 1986 was one Bluebird And today's date is nine Nissan models. Currently the production of LEL, Kaushalya and Juke is produced. And last year Juke crossed one million vehicles manufactured.

Nissan's Sunderland Plant It was built on an area previously occupied by Airfield, which was with works starting from July 1984. The first Bluebird was manufactured in the year 1986, which produced a total of 5,139 vehicles in the first year. At that time, there were 470 employees in total, compared to around 7,000 today.

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