Tuesday , January 31 2023

Radio Italia Live / Video: Fiery Manonia fell on the stage and raises her shoes …


They decided to strip their shoes to avoid overdue, but it was not a little use. Fiorella Manonia During its performance it falls Radio Italia Live Concert, The Palermo Foro in Italy. And there are people who took the opportunity to resume the good moments and post it online, it is now very popular. The singer, after entering the stage, decided to take her shoes with heels, to ease her influence and to stay close to the audience. But it was definitely this movement that was fatal to him: On the edge of the stage, Fiorella Manonia lost its balance and the ground was weakened. Some fans are trying to help him down. However, the singer reacted with adultery, smiling at her fall.

Fiorella Manonia as Giani Morandari: falls on the stage

The fall of Fiorella Manonia One Radio Italia Live Palermo Concert Going around the web. A fall came when his song, El Senso, had already begun. So, sitting on the ground and sitting, he started singing and then gradually got up and turned back in the middle of the stage. Many people have considered an equally but more destructive one, in spite of an incident that has happened instead Xiannini Morandi While, in the duet with Rowzy "Wailer", she went downstairs, went downstairs. A scene that saw his slip on stage tonight, which may be commented by Minnoy over the next few hours.

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