Saturday , April 1 2023

Rogiani is selected in the Secretariat of Milan and Pelphi in Lombardy


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The Democratic Party's Lombard Congress and the Democratic Party's Plans. Success Silvia Rogiani (Only 60 percent of partial information available) Ugo wowl(About 17.5% of the vote) Davide SchennaiHowever, the youth who won the best 22.5 percent. Leo Roggani is the manifestation of a vast area of ​​the Party, on one side continuously in the Secretariat of Pierre Bassolotti, and a woman wants to lead the biggest federation in the Italian Demas.

On the other hand, on the other hand, it succeeds Vinicio Pelfef, Still one percent, depending on the rumors coming from different provinces. Behind him Eugenio Cominini. All in everything. Who won In the corners, certainly Pierre Bussolatti was not defeated – at a particular moment in the controversy of the Congress – a bad mood. But it was the performance of Salvia Rogiani's Secretariat, so no rejection can be taken into consideration. At the local level, Vinzzo Pelfu has convinced party workers from the Demo Area to the other moods of Maurya. Reinsies will be defeated at the local level, even if it is predetermined. Comino had fled for self-service activities and did not keep secret. Peppu, a long-time politician, will have an impossible challenge to the government in the next European regime. For Silvia Rogiani, the challenge posed by his politics is not merely an organizational basis. In fact, it passed beyond the current permit of the only Renzia. Also, there is no reason for the election, even for the "threat" to bring the votes to Delgates (if the technical program is less than 50 percent).

The official communication of PDM Milestone

Silvia Rogiani (58.4%), David Scudieri (24.2%) and Yugo Vechili (17.4%).

This is the exact figures for the selection of the new Metropolitan Secretary of the Milan Metropolitan. The polling percentage was 68 percent in Milan's Metropolitan Area.

"Thanks to my supporters, I thank all the volunteers and volunteers who have made this election possible: The next day we work on a visa because the Metropolitan PD is moving to Milano, David Scandetier and Yugo Vechilielli, which is a loyalty and fury. Politician new secretary Silvia Rogiani

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