Sunday , March 7 2021

Samsung will start updating an UI for beta users

Samsung It has recently started its beta program A UI, A new user interface has been introduced Samsung Developer Conference San Francisco, California. The new design focuses on three key points: simplification, graphics, easy-to-use.

The beta program is currently available South Korea In other countries where it is gradually adopted. This allows users to try new Samsung Interface software on Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus The company's other devices.

There is a UI rounder interface

Some of the guys from South Korea have already participated in the Samsung Beta program, where they can preview a new UI interface. It shows more edges Around Try to simplify the general use of the smartphone. One more Dark theme If users want to activate it.

South Korea and other countries are ready to accept the new software. We will gradually move forward and sit in the next list Germany And I will United States. In the weeks to come, we will not specifically mention the Samsung program being available in other countries.

If you are a Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus owner, you can register a place in the program in the app Samsung members Pre-installed on devices. Simply accept the terms and check the application notice section. A notification will be given when the program is available.

Samsung is based on a UI Android 9 Pie. Usually, the company has always reserved a limited number of beta programs, and this may probably be for new software. Samsung has confirmed that a UI will be available Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus And Notes 8.

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