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San Giovanni in Naples is a woman wrapped in ants in Bocco. Nas from hospital


The patient was covered in an ant in San Giovanni Bocco hospital in Naples: Green's complaint

The horrorHospital St. John Bocco NaplesThere a woman fell to the forest department Ants. That is a bit calm. "After our complaint, medical director Juice Matasso's medicine closed the room cleaning and cleaning," said Francisco Emilio Borelli, Greens Regional Councilor, Health Commission member. NASA announced tests

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"Borelli continues – can not interact with the horrors of all these allowances, and in our request, the Director has initiated a domestic investigation to investigate how this can be done.

Nas from hospital. After the expansion of a video, we reached the video "San Giovani Bocco" in the Nucleo antisofisticazioni salute hospital where we met aged men who had ants attacking. The woman was rushed to the hospital where she was examined.

Health Director. "There was a similar situation today. In any event, began to find out the reasons and responsibility for all of the procedures sambhaviccatinre." So Anas San Giovanni Bosco Hospital in Naples, Medical Director, Giuseppe mattarseasea, commented on this topic. "Councilor Borrelli teaching – added Matarazzo – I ago to close the room To clean up the land. The patient was shifted to another room. "According to the report, this is a non-EU woman who should be a chronic flight, but she was admitted to the Napoleonic Hospital after considering their health condition.

President of Regional Council of CampaniaVincenzo de Luca, medical director of Anthony Postglione, ASL Napoli 1, and Paceel de Giro Lomo, who was admitted to the hospital, Second, Ansa from local sources investigates the case, investigating Greece's regional councilor Francesco Borelli. The inquiry into the two health managers will take some action.

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