Saturday , June 10 2023

«Tale e Quail Show 2018»: Ninth Episode. Performance and Ranking


10 November 2018 | 00:58 Lorenzo de Palma

In this wonderful interpretation of Lisa Minuli, in him New York, New York, Fedorico Engucci Leander, one of the four judges with 84 points, Ninth Episode Any kind of showFriday, 9th November is the main time RAI to 1, With Lucca Argentine Loreto Gogi, Giorgio Panaria, Vincenzo or Salim jury. A victory also leads him to the top Public classification Champion of Tale, to be shown in 2018 at the Champion of Tournament.

Secondly, he has been classified by 66 points Antonio Messan, Made impossible the reproduction of the sound acrobatics of Thysiano Ferro impossible Black nights. The Mission performed a successful way: Loretta Goghy believes it is "Master of a Volume Doctor". He is the second in the front of Roberto Boano and in general classification.

The third of the 62 points, one of the two "pooja" in the evening, is amazing Andre Agreedi That song was Robbie's funachie The woman of my friend. When it came to fourth place Annelisa Maneti By the Traceae Try it With 59 points.