Wednesday , September 28 2022

The brain still works soon after death


What happens after death? Do We Die? Apparently, researcher Sam Parnia said that after the cardiac arrest, the patient's awareness is analyzed, which is considered biologically speaking "death". But let's see what that means.

Pre-Death and Extracorporeal Experiences. When we talk about the experiences of death, generally & # 39; experience the extra body & # 39; Or & # 39; pre-death experiences & # 39; And it is often regarded as the result of illusions or delusions and the studies in this field are unclear. To understand more, scientists Sam Parnia examined the stories recorded by cardiac patients.

What is death? Pernia explains that "Contrary to the general assumption, death is not a specific time, but a potentially changing process that is caused by severe accidents or diseases of the heart, lungs and brain, which cease functioning properly." According to the scientist, if we push this process forward, then we & # 39; cardiac arrest & # 39; If we do not succeed, then we have to die & # 39; death & # 39; We can talk about

What happens during pre-death experiences. Researchers have told us that 39% of those who survived the cardiac arrest say they are biological & # 39; death & # 39; During the phase, they were soon aware that what the researchers said what was happening and what they said was stopped in the hospital or in other cases where their heart had stopped working before recovery.

But why do not they all remember? Scientists explain that this experience of biological death awareness probably lives in it, only removes sampling remedies from surgery for surgery, and so only few of them remember.

Findings In short, according to Parnia, that pre-death is not harmful, but the real experiences that we live during cardiac arrest: So we know that we are dying, because our brain remains active, so we are conscious, the other 20 / 30 seconds after working in the heart.

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