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The deo card's yellow


Where did you pick up a public card? Louis de Mao? If the relationship between the Vice-President and the journalists is to the extent of tensions, the demand is strong. Some members of the Democratic Party, such as Ettore Rosato and Emanuele Fiano, have already pointed the finger at the grill. There are some directors and collaborators of newspapers that deny the di Maio card.

The website of Gabrielia Belini, the website of Web Site, which collaborated with the Pentestostolo Leader until the 2013 elections in Parliament, Lottuillonline Line. The Labor Ministry should know why journalists in the local newspapers surprised me for this reason, and I felt bad, and I was worried and we should know how to care for the media of today's hard work, "said Bellini, who later explained:" D Mao worked as webmaster. We have an ad card of cards and we are not with us. When we become a technologist, we are at the dawn of online journalism. "DD Mao's four articles have been searched for in the archives of Mani's head: Libertarian refugees in Pomberggio or the Diocese, another being titled" San Felis in the Refugee's Shoulder. " A documentary on Alfa Romeo and a hacker attack on the website of Pomigliano Municipality.

The card was distributed free of charge by papers Pes Futuro and a newspaper in Pangig Vivio d'Arco. The future is not even on the arch archives. Francesco Di Rizozoja, the director of the publication stated: a Griffin Lights"We were coworkers in those years, but Lugde de Mai was not in them, he was not part of our editorial staff." In the journal from 2004 to 2013 he denied even the foil: "If he has genuine jealousy, I do not remember de Mao, he did not card with us and did not write any article".

Who has obtained a chance to register as a publisher with Campania journalists on October 4, 2007? Remember, if one or more newspapers are registered in court, at least 70 articles have been written continuously for at least two years.

But what are these headlines?

He Rauza included in the curriculum portal for de Mayo says: "The dramatic situation of small businessmen in the city in September 2012. In the film, I have tried to illustrate to the public" commercial "film arannutakarkkukayuntayi: dozens of failures of accountability of those years, I was a President as a local patrannalekkuricc vidiyeakakkar Dhiyenna as written. " The blog next to the candidate is now has become a Chinese site. The above mentioned documentary was published, but it is difficult to become a registered journal as a blog.

In 2007, according to the order registered, D. Mayo was written at least in 2005 at the age of 19. He has also established and directed the university in university during the University time, as a newsletter for university information. (In November 2006, one of the other liberalized writings criticized nationalism and registrations, in which he wanted to sell Alitalia to the French, condemned the fixed position, and was proud to receive public funding for the magazine, Federico II, Naples University.

In short, the money paid for the D. Mayo's article is going to explain how the newspaper has become a publicity in the transparency of the transparency. Before termination of order M5S. Because there was always a Pentatelet Street.

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