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The dispute between the waste, de mayow and salvine. Average number. Northern League Leader: In the end we will make ourselves clear


The defensive in Campania continues, and the fire is being dispersed, like most of the government's disputes. The situation in Torores del Greco is seriously wiped out and the expansion of pollution is expanding on Friday night and Saturday night, and surrounding the public square surrounding the public space. One of the oldest and dramatic issues in the Costa Rica government is the main advisor to several ministers including Costa Rica, two Vice Presidents Salvini and D'Mayo. Topic poisons. The President of the Council concludes that the M5S and Legacy agreement on environment and waste will be "guaranteed" by the agreement signed. So the above meeting can lead to a mediation, which seems to be very difficult now. . Since this agreement has not been written or written, the leaders of both parties are still arguing.

«Creating wealth»

And they've sent messages to the government estate, "says Salvani," for five years. " An explanation of "talking with the leughy" is likely to be reached – these positions are far away. In fact, the Ministry of the Interior says that waste disposal problems that waste waste management are not in agreement, and therefore "unskilled" is: "The facts change, we must go forward." In fact, not only to solve the problem kampaniyayile waste, "wealth" we do not waste energy plants to be constructed-creation "of waste production and creating profits, poisonous peattitterukalalla. I am not here to say anything. Missed us from waste, some of the territory of panamuntakkatta Mpaniya. I agrahamillayatinal, claimed responsibility for the government to find a solution to avoid a new emergency. "Similarly, it is necessary to tutarunnapaksam Mora karphaganayeppealulla FI angannalkkuventiyum visabadhakalil children to die. Alessandro di Battista's attack on Vice Premier is not clear and clear. "I follow the lines I've taken along with the Italian people, and envy de Baetista who rebukes me from the beaches of Guatemala."

Moral definition

But one of the traditional struggles of the M5S movement. Chamber Roberto Fick's president also intervenes, "We do not want, we should not go back and we have the moral significance to protect the health of all people living in my country". CISL Secretary General Annam Aria Furlán asked the policy "responsibility" for finding a solution, says Campinia Vincentzo, governor Salvini of De Luka: "I am enthusiastic about the problems of the internal affairs of the domestic industry, and I will give him a more impressive picture, It will end if it's unexpected, "he said.

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