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The Garage Italian returns to the lawyer's life


Agneli's lawyer was made in a handheld by Fiat Panta 4X4 with manufacturers of Garage Italian.

A well 11 Fiat Panda 4 X Owned by Geneva Agnelli, And St. Moritz (after arriving in Switzerland) used the lawyer to take him to the hands of technicians. Garage Italia Custom It decides to restore it and it strikes the class and unusual.

Institute of Institution Lopez ElkanAgnelli's nephew is famous for any kind of vehicle, land or not, a small class, luxury, style, queue or stunning celebration for customer reconstruction and customization work.

Fiat Panda 4X4: Left (most) in all original

PANDA 4X4 Garage Italy

The question is the one in question At the end of the 90s, the panda 4 X trek Metallic in silver color. Great works have not been done since adding a few color profiles from the aesthetic perspective Blue and blackThe logo of the Austrian company is also visible Steyr PuchEffective, valuable All-wheel drive Vehicle.

Within the cabin, the Garage Italian craftsmen have been given the opportunity to enjoy their skill, creativity, quality clothing and quality standards: expensive cans made by Beilla Barberry cannono sell, The door panel and the dashboard are the same blue cloth. Success of the car's handicrafts

From the technical point of view, there are no top stories: The engine that gets the pan 4X4 is real and isolated 1.1 liters per fire and 54 hp Fiat Eye Icons can still be easily loaded across all kinds of terrain.

Edited by: Tomaso Marcoli

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