Friday , January 27 2023

The Interior Ministry abolishes the captain: "There is no migrant sick"


What did he say? Carrolla Racquet When it comes down to it Sea Watch 3 It is not compatible with truth Capturing the German NGO ship to the port of Lampedusa by raming Guardia de Finanza patrol ferry, to give justice to mad maneuvers, the captain requested "Needs Condition" For a forty Illegal Immigrants They were on board. In fact, the sources of the Interior Ministry confirm, None of them were ill. "So there is left to understand what the NGOs are doing to protect unauthorized docking"Explain us.

The situation was stalled when yesterday Racketty decided to force the petrol boat to be blocked. Around 1.50 German NGOs, flying to the Dutch flag, entered the commercial port of Lampedusa (see video). Soon after, Guardia di Finanza rode, about 3 o'clock, Captain was taken to a statearrest The Navigation Code has been accused of violating Article 1100, which reminds the commander or officer's behavior, that heresy or violates the national ceasefire and he is sentenced to three to ten years. Year "Enter The Port of Lampedusa Even without authenticity it was a Sea Watch crew decision and not just the captain "German NGO, Leonardo Marino's lawyer said. "We are proud of our captain, he worked well, he stressed the law of the sea and brought the people to safety.", John Bear, CEO of the Sea Watch Acrobat.

In the next few hours, the investigators will definitely decide what happened during the proceedings DockingWhen Guardia de Finza reached the patrol boat ferry, it continued until the NGO's ship continued to reach the military unit. In the meantime, however, the Interior Ministry has already decided that "Needs Condition" Called by the racket, it had no foundation. "None of the 41 immigrants in the ocean clock have abandoned certain diseases or problems such as diseases or dehydration"Let Viminal Sources know, in other matters, convinced, everyone who was on board "Has become refreshing" And "He spent a clear night". Therefore, for none of them, no special assessment has been done or transfer to an emergencyHospital Pallamaro This news does not surprise the Interior Ministry that it is expected that the health status of immigrants was not centered on Captain's concerns. Sick and children fell on dark days before moving ahead with the Italian government with their colleagues. "It remains to understand the situation of need", the NGO referred – the same sources are asked – to justify unauthorized docking ramming Guardia de Finza Patrol Boat ".

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