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The security order, which he imagines: to the limitations of human race near closely to "ethnic shops"


The "Salvini's order"House with number 336, yes and 249 is approved by the confidence vote, law makes it a news series on the topic Immigration And Security. Many topics have been met by strengthening the residence permit on the taser experiments for urban police. Here are the main points of the provision.

Close on permissions – This Resident Permit For reasons Humanitarian. These migrated & # 39; special permissions & # 39; Is replaced by Six types have been conceived: especially for serious health reasons, disasters in the country, civil acts, victims of trafficking, domestic violence, serious abuse.

More time in CPR – Until then, foreigners may be returning to the homesteads 180 days, And more than just three months as expected earlier. In the absence of location in the centers, other public safety facilities have been proposed for migrants waiting for migrations. It is also possible to keep shelter in the hotpot.

Right to shelter with multiple offenses – It Expansion Number of Offense Which includes Rejection Or withdraw from international protection. These are sexual violence, serious injuries, robbery, public violence, sexual mutation, anger theft and drug trafficking. In the Senate, theft of house was added to the crime, even if it did not grow.

By Citizenship for Terrorism – This Citizenship Come to Italian Canceled Guilty for terrorism crimes

Stop the shelter right after the commission's decision – This Apply for international protection Criminals will be subject to criminal proceedings going on in criminal proceedings Examination Immediate. In the event of a certain sentence, protection will be denied. This examination has started for people who do not already have any penalties, even if they are not the final. In the case of denial of the right, the applicant must leave Italy.

Spray system – Only holders of international security and unprotected citizens have access to security systems for asylum seekers and refugees. Who will be already in the system till the conclusion of the projects.

Waiting for 4 years for citizenship – Conditions for investigation of the application for relief (2 to 4 years) have been extended CitizenshipOnly if you know it will be givenItalian.

The & # 39; Safe Countries & # 39; List of – For those coming from the countries included in it Security list A quick investigation of security requests has been envisaged.

Electronic Bracelet for Stalkers – Families will be screened with defendants for fraud and interference Electronic bangle.

Car-truck rental contract in the hands of the police Laws were ordered by anti-terrorism laws to prevent attacks against cars and trucks against the crowd and it provides that data of people entering the tenancy agreement should be reported to the police in advance.

Teaser in the hands of traffic police – Practically, this Electric Imprus gun No organizations will also be given Municipal police All the provincial capital

Urban Depot – For the events of the game, slaves expand dubious people of terrorism. Urban locations can be applied to health centers and designated areas for markets, fairs and public shows.

Close ignore – More serious penalties (2 to 4 years) are introduced for those who promote or organizePossession of real estate. The use of interference in investigations against the occupants has also been increased.

Useless begging and illegal parking – & # 39; s crime is filedExercise that begging& # 39; (If used heroes, then up to 6 months, increases up to 3 years). There is also a more stringent penalty for unauthorized parkers. In the case of use of citizens or arrests, arrests have been made and the prison has a risk of up to one year.

Mayor & # 39; Ethnic Stores & # 39; Determines – Expected limitations of sale hours of shops affected by non-central areas "night aggregation collection", but only on the request of the first citizen, who can use it for up to 30 days.

Most money for stadium security from teams – The sports club will have to pay more money to ensure stadium safety. The percentage of ticket sales for this purpose has been 1-3% to 5-10%.

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