Saturday , June 10 2023

This retro-looking poster is one of the most beautiful you've ever seen


The story arc of Iron m .n It concludes with a brilliant Avengers: Endgame, Where played by the hero Robert Downey Jr Made his own sacrifice to save the universe Thanos And his Crazy Decision Plan. This means its presence in the futureUCM It is certainly excluded except for some flashbacks of his life; But on the other hand, outside the big screen, in recent months there have been many gifts to remember Tony StarkGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

And in this regard, we show you a poster – published in the last hour on Reddit – that has gone viral among Iron Man fans in a very short time, an image that depicts a hero pointing to the sky; But on top of all that, it's a retro style that looks like a sci-fi movie The adventures of rocketair, Whose poster was a real tribute to her Metropolis No Fritz Lang And – more generally – for all Art Deco.

This poster is really suggestive, especially for the contrast of colors between the iron armor armor, the sky blue and yellow color in the background; And in terms of the numerous works we dedicate to Tony, we can't help but think of him as the most beautiful we've seen to date.

This is an Iron Ma poster.

What do you think? Do you agree with us?

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