Tuesday , August 3 2021

Tridentia, 50 fans on Freeskiyos stops in Florence with fake tickets

(Telborsa) – Beyond 50 fans travel between Rome and Venice On board Friesisora ​​9406 This morning, Saturday, November 24, were found in possession Fake or non-ticket tickets. Crew on board Trenitalia (FS Group Italien), during the control activity, has made changes to the actual tickets shown and so he asked for one. Check the team.

Once the lack of illegal nature or travel documents is confirmed, fans – who have left Rome terminus with the Udayan – They were first taken to the first station by a trainThank you for the intervention of employees, Florence Santa Maria Novella, Business Security, And was handed over to the railway police, who identified them and kept them behind the station door.

Eight of these Fans then tried to push the controls on the door To try to return to a train, but stopped them and brought them back out of the track area.

Confirm the controls and steps taken today The Importance of Essentiality in Compliance and Restriction of Rules Through Trainellia, to protect all the people traveling on board trains. Issues in recent years have also been revised The formula "No tickets, no part", In which FS effectively summarizes Italy's efforts.

The train has been delayed by 40 minutes. Trinteriel has informed the competent officials about the alleged misrepresentation of fake documents, for making fake documents and disturbing public service.

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