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Under my Weinier's charge: "Sexual veil, shame"


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The Democratic Party accused my warrior of ridicule of violence against women, and Renato points to the index against "the screen" with Zero.

After the episode Mera Weinier unwillingly lost Sunday Against violence against women versus international versus women. The presenter has provoked the incitement of several members of the Democratic Party, from whom she was accused of hiding and evaluating the theme. In 2016, interviewed with the mother of Sarah de Pietrentoo, who was executed by Rome's ex-boyfriend in 2016, who was sentenced to life, was replaced by Renato Zero with "You for You", whose author also faces the pretense of suffering violence.

Marc Venier's harsh criticism

According to the version of the demo, "Kaki Maar" would have decided to join the campaign, promoted by Caffegna, "Not normal that it is normal" campaign. The pace of political clashes continued to slow down. Democratic Party's MEP Pina Pikirano said that the state of the yellow green government is more honorable. Women die and violence is often hidden where the TV comes. Public TV, which apparently does not specify what its business will be. "The same pickiners later requested new director Rai, Teresa de Saints, to comment on what happened. Sunday In the last episode of November 25.

"How is it possible that a female anchorwoman of main women's programs is devoted to violence against women, on the day of the violence, to make fun of victims of violence," said Eko Paul Camilla de Alcendro's MP in a statement, "For this It is public unrest, "and it was called" displeased by the man and the child's father ". "The fight against violence has existed because of these descendants and these taboos – he added – it saves people who complain and harass in ridicule, all these are not tolerant, Rai apologizes to the words used by my veteran." A Rejector Expected Is …


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