Thursday , June 8 2023

"Assass's Creed Odyssey" Giant "Cyclops" New quests to update in November | Nico Nico News


Large Large Images】 "Assass's Creed Odyssey" In November, the giant "cyclops" performed new quests

Ubisoft Monthly update monthly "North America" ​​Assad's Creed Odyssey "updates the content of November.

First, "The Last Tales of Greece" series has started as a content content. "The show must go forward." King King Leonidas and the divine interventions that can recognize God's Law were presented. These queries can be received at any time by reaching episode 5.

Epic · Econ · Epic · Epic · Ship It will be released when it reaches the 30th level.

In addition, the first "cyclops", "the lighting breeder" that performs as a new animal, clash with each other. A legendary bow is also available through defeating cyclops.

Other updates are scheduled, such as "level cap 70 being released". The details can be declared on the official website from the animation. 】 "Assass's Creed Odyssey" is implementing November's "Cyclops" and new quests.

"Assange's Creed Odyssey" Giant "Cyclops" and new quests will be upgraded in November

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