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"Fallout 76" New Event "Vult Raid" will be taking place in North America on August 20th. The door to Vault of 94, which was closed from its inception, finally opened Tomatoes


On August 15th, Bethesda Software76 fallDetails of the new event "Vault Raid" will be held here, with the release of Patch 12, released on August 20 in North America. Set in Nuclear Shelter 94, the vegetation that grows, aim to achieve while defeating many creatures and strong enemies with one or the other players. The release of Vault 94 is ahead of the PC version, and the console version is later. The opening will be relocated for each platform, to make it easier to deal with whatever problems the deal may have.

Vault is the name of a nuclear shelter and underground facility that appears in the All Layout series. In preparation for the outbreak of the nuclear war, Vault-Tech was created as a facility that can accommodate up to 1000 people. There are a total of 122 vaults, each numbered. Originally a facility to protect humanity from the threat of nuclear weapons and preserve their lives, each vault has different details and reality. Some of these features have been fiercely contested through major difficulties, trapped in human relationships, and inhumane experiments.

The phase of the raid that will be implemented in Patch 12 is Vault 94, a swamp and treasury located on the border of the rough border. The treasury is used as a group of people who wanted to protect the environment after the nuclear war. It acts as a plant seed repository, and people living in Vault 94 seem to be nihilistic pacifists. And a year after the bomb was dropped, the people living there left the treasury. However, the inhabitants disappear into the harsh environment of the Westland. Vault 94, no longer gone, is now completely part of nature. Also, something seems to be hiding inside. Discover the future of Vault 94 and get valuable resources with a person or a friend.

Vault raids are a challenge from the beginning if time is allocated during a mission or if the entire team is beaten. Although it is possible to challenge alone, there are also time-limited missions and step-by-step missions, so it is recommended to join up to 50 or more players. It looks like you can tune Pipe-Boy to the Emergency Broadcast Radio Station on Viplights of 94 and go inside Vpl inside 94 to attend the event. And in the dungeon that will be challenged, it is said that it contains the instantaneous technology .g. This technology seems to prevent other players from the team from interfering with the mission. In addition, by improving the dungeon's state management, the design of the Vault 94 will change each time you rally. It seems to be an event where you can discover and experience new things as you challenge.

Vault 94 lets you challenge three missions with different goals. Each mission is a specialty that can only be challenged for a week, and after that period, regardless of whether it was cleared, it will be changed to the next mission. However, both missions seem to be challenging again in 3 weeks. When challenging a mission, you can choose the difficulty level from three options: beginner, standard, and expert. There is no time limit for the least difficult beginner. Also, the reward for completing a mission varies depending on the level of difficulty.

Awards include experience points, caps, reinforced repair kits, craft materials, weapons, armor, and blueprints. In addition to the legendary certification, you can also find a new resource called "Vault 94 Iron" that is required to create Vault Armor. And to get the rare rewards, it seems like you have to clean up the raid with a difficulty standard or specialist.

The reward is received only once a day for each difficulty level of the mission. So, even if you complete a mission with a difficulty level that you challenged on the same day, you will not receive a reward. Also, you cannot leave, exchange, or sell the resources you receive through raids and mission completion rewards.

Vault 94 finally opened the door to Patch 12. The team is encouraged to face the challenges and it seems a very happy event. In addition, by adopting Instance Technology .g, you can enjoy it as a content that allows you to experience the latest game every time you challenge. "Dead in the Water" is the first rodeo mission to launch in North America on August 20th. "Meltdown" is scheduled for August 27th, and "Wash Shout" is scheduled for September 3rd.

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