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Large crash incident in F3 mango | Formula 1 | In F1 news

Large crash incident in F3 mango | Formula 1 | F1 news | ESPN F1

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Sophia Fruch, a juvenile German driver, broke into 270 km in the F3 race in Makkah.

The course ended without a 17-year-old fresh machine machine that could not run into another machine. Exceptional scenes shown in the picture are not shown from Grandstone. But the clear opening section of the Fraisch Lisboe section later became clear that the opponent's machine was in contact.

The machine lost control of her machine and said that she had jumped into another machine. According to Speed ​​Trap in the breakthrough, Fresh runs 276.2 km / h after the second contact.

Caused this interrupted, suspended temporary red flag has been suspended. Makkah convinced that the Grand Prix Organizer had declared the hospital. But Frascoc gave it a primary test after breathing. He then said Flose was safe with his Twitter account and said he is ready for surgery.

"I wanted to tell everybody that I'm right, tomorrow morning she will be operated and thank you. @ Thanks, @hwaag_official @ Mercedes AMGF 1 Thank you all for the sender, and I will report it again."

Many machines and race Marshals have come to the hospital. Shosai Suboyi Frush suffered a stomach in the hospital following the engine. But the report was reported.

The veil of a marshal face has been affected. Two photographs have been transported. Progress with livestock recovery has been recovered. Another Minami realized that Hiroyik was cerebral shaking.

After the revamping of the radio, Mike Schumacher became the new F3 champion and participated. Red Bull Junior's Dankit won the championship.

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