Wednesday , July 6 2022

LTE model of the Surface Guy will be released on 29th, but only for corporations – Engadget Japan Edition


"Surface Go" is Windows 10 with a separating keyboard with size of 10 supplements. This is a model for a variety of functions such as a USB Type-C terminal and Earphone jack.

Microsoft announced that it was widespread among business people in business, business, educational institutions, and others who were in the forefront of reaching the goal goal on August 28. Especially in Japan, the industry has expanded its production from industry to educational institutions, and in more than a thousand months, more than a thousand companies and organizations.

With the "Go Go" Wi-Fi mode, the company aims to expand the users' application scenario by adding the LTE Advanced Sim free model.

We support 22 bands that contain major domestic bands for LTE. The Interoperability Test (IOT) has been implemented in three carriers – NDT Docomo, KDDI and SoftBank.

The CPU is Pentium Gold 4415 Y, Memory 8 GB, SDD Capacity 128 GB and 80,400 Yen (tax exempt).

In addition, Microsoft has decided to sell it to the "LTE Advanced" surface of Japan.

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