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Netherland defeated Netherlands, semifinals advance! "European conflict" system has won Tokyo Olympic qualification (Football Zone Web) – Yahoo! News


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In Europe, the top three teams of the tournament won the championship

The Women's World Cup held in France (WP Cup), was held at the quarter-finals against England against Netherlands at 29th place in the local time, and the Netherlands defeated the Nationists Japan (Representative of Women's Japan) in Round 16 and win 2-0. By deciding to move forward in the semifinals, he won the Tokyo Olympics.

The Netherlands played against Japan in the 16th round. The goal was scored by PK only before the end of the match, which was 1-1. The country's first time in the history of the country was eighth, and the match against Italy was decided.

For the Tokyo Olympics held next year, it is the rule that the top three European teams will be eligible in this tournament. England played in the first place, and the card winner has automatically won the qualification, but the Netherlands and Italy have no experience in the Olympics. It was a war that made a war of "first match".

When the match was completed in the first half of 0-0, the Netherlands moved the game in the second half of 25 minutes. With Fad-kick, FW Vivian Middemaya scored a header on the left. Driving in the Netherlands, after 10 minutes and 35 minutes in the Netherlands, DF van der Flafte decided to play again 2-0 from play set. After that, he settled down in the game and decided to enter the best four for the first time and the Olympics.

In Round 16, the Netherlands pushed Japan forward by a single-sheet difference. He has done great things by proving his power to prove his victory in "European conflict".

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