Sunday , September 25 2022

Project EGG, PC-8801 version "YS II" for Windows 10 – Game Watch Released


D4 Enterprise released a "RPG" PC version "PC-8801 version / Windows 10 compatible version" for PC on November 27 from "Project EGG". Price is 500 yen (excluding taxes).

"YS II" is an action RPG introduced by Japan Falcom in 1988. As a sequel to the previous work "Yes", "Yes" or Eddert Christine's 6 books, the Redhead Adventure has led to the world of heavens by the magical power of the book, it talks about the mystery of the ancient empire. To combat the newly added magic, plus power. Among them, "magic capable of talking with demons" adds an important color in the game as a glimpse of the lives of various demons.

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