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The "Darius Cosmic Collection" presents additional functions from the original version, such as gadgets and continuous fires out of the game screen –


TAITO released the latest information on additional functions included in the original version and extra special benefits of the special version of the software for the presentation of the Nintendo Switch "Darius Cosmic Collection" on February 28, 2019.

Listen to Darius, organize the sample movie of the CD and part of a new addition to the game!

Cranberry Company, Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, later known as Cranx) is a software for Nintendo Switch "Darius Cosmic Collection", which transfers past deeds in the horizontal scrolling shooting game "Darius" (released on February 28, 2019) ) We will inform you as part of the games that have been specially added and special edition bonus content follow-up.

"Darius Cosmic Collection" includes 4 titles of arcade titles such as "Sagia" which will be the first transplant in foreign versions of "Darius" and "Darius II".
In addition to the four functions included in the regular edition, limited editions special editions include 9 titles, including 5 titles, which include Titles as local games, which are not yet released or difficult to achieve, a closed bonus included Arrange CDs, official content collections, miniature acrylic marquee.

This function includes a convenient gadget, Fine Key Free Speed ​​Adjustment Function, a fine key configuration, a scan line and a smoothing function that can be played with the taste of the old-time nostalgic atmosphere, a new function added to the original sports title will be added.
In addition, as a follow-up report for special edition privileges, we will publish the details of the contents of the interview which will be posted on the configuration CD's arrangement video, song title, official document collection. 3 Already a miniature acrylic marquee has been announced, a new sheet has been added, and the total was decided to be 4.

Introducing "Darius Cosmic Collection" Specification


Only the arcade version title, a gadget that can be added to the bonus point, power up state, the durability of the hand (handicap), the dazzling branch information to the outside of the original game screen. The content displayed in the gadget is different for each title.

Record of "Darius Cosmic Collection"
Arcade version "Darius"

Arcade version "Darius" (original)

Constant speed adjustment function

You can set the speed of bullets fired from every second when shot and bombman are kept for a long time. In addition, it is possible to customize a bit like a shot and bomb allotment for each button on the Controller.
Of the fire speed setting range is based on the title.
Some of you can not adjust the speed of fire with some recorded titles.

Scan Line and Ease Function

You can play with the nostalgic screen flavor like the CRT screen at the time, using the scan line function to add a smooth line like the cathode ray tube screen on the game screen and add a smoother function to blur the whole game screen. .
You can enjoy it with your favorite screen flavor by switching both to or one function and switching off.

Scene Off · Smoothing Function Off

Scania online

Exclusive Editions Included Benefits Details of Contents

"Darius Omnibus II – Group -"

The album "Darius the Omnibus – Generation -" was released in 1997 by Zumta Records as a sequel to Darius, it has been out of more than 20 years. All ten songs will be included.

Song name list (no / song title / objective / manager title (abbreviated title)
1 / Captain Cheoze / "Captain NEO" "Main Theme – Chaos -" (Direries) / Hero (Sega Interactive)
2 / Organic bit super alignment version / "informal bit" (Darius) / ancient users (ancient)
3 / seventh boss 2019 / "boss scan 7" (darius) / masahikki ishida
4 / Olga Storm / "Olga Bridge" (Darius II) / Furukawa Aki
5 / Museum Valley / "Museum Valley" (Darius II) / Siichi Hamada (Atomic Hanada)
6 / Say Papa – Reincarnation – / "Say Papa" (Darius II) / Tokuuki Iwataki
7 / Stone Rage / "Visers" "Fake" "Self" (Darius Gaiden) / Norians
8 / Incident – Progressive Kota Mix – / "Fak" (Darius Gaiden) / U Shimoda (Zunta)
9 / lightning · Dual hop / "A flashing dual hawk" (Darius Twin) / Masaki (Zunta)
10 / Darius Force of NUTUUR / "Darius Force" (Darius Force) / Shuha Suuchia (Zunta)

"Darius Odcci – Cosmic archives -"

Official data collection of "Darius Cosmic Collection" covers 128 pages. This will be seven interviews and round-table discussions with past developers, which are included in the recorded titles of this work. In addition, valuable development material that will be presented for the first time in this work will also be posted.

Interview content and interviews (honorific title omitted)

Arcade version "Darius II" Discussion by the developers
Hydor Fujiwara (former Taio Corporation, producer), Hissakazu Kato (former cranberry, designer), Riku Senbah (former cranberries, planners)

Discussion by "Darius Gaiden" developers
Hissakazu Kato (former Taio Corporation, designer), Akira Kurubayashi (Erica Corporation / Taio Corporation, Programmer)

New and Old "Darius" category Cabinet Design / Developer Interview
Kozi Miyabiimi (Tata, Inc., Technical Advisor), Shizuji Kato (Cranberry Corporation, Hardware Division of Technology Development Division)

The story of the development of the SMS version "Sagia" has not been released in Japan yet
Iku Mezkuta (Freelance / Sound Designer / Former Jujub Co., Ltd.), Shuya Tacoma (Freelance / Designer / Former Jujube Company, Ltd.)

Private development of "Darius Alpha" is not for sale
Toshio Tadda (Prototype Company, Ltd. / East NC Avenue Company, Ltd.)

Listen to Mr. Hissaka Ogura's "Darius" series of music world (Interviewer: Nakayama Rara)
Hissaka Ogura (currently: Okura Hysako Audio Workshop / Freelance / Former Zunda), Nakayam Yuan (Freelance / Former Zanta)

"Darius" series seen from the center of the game
Ayukihara Hay Manager, Video Game Manager

Miniature acrylic marquee

A small version of the title table, "Marquee" listed on top of Arcade Houses. Three were already announced, the "Sagia" Marquee Joe Darius II's foreign version was also attached.
Like the real "Sagia" Marquee design, it is based on the "Darius II" marquee, which is slightly smaller than the other three.

Product summary by shop

Benefits of buying Amazon / EC website "Eviten"

Benefit Name: Darius Audio Track – Tiajat V. –
Description: A CD containing 11 songs from "Darius Alpha" and a former arrangement of "Darius Gaiden" by Zootana COSIO.

Square Annex E-Store Purchase Advantages

Benefit Name: Darius Audio Track – ProCo Ver .- (download)
Schedule: contains 11 songs of "Darius Alpha" and a special arrangement of "Darius" by former Zunta Nakaim Rara.

Recent shopping benefits

Bonus name: Fabric poster
※ It will be sold only for the regular version.

BEEP purchase privilege (limited amount)

Benefit Name:
· "Darius" replica board box
Reprint Notification Card ("Darius" "Darius II" "Darius Gaiden")
* Special privileges become attached to the privilege.

EC site "Event Limit Item"

Darius Cosmic Collection Special Edition Famitsu DX Pack
【 Eviten Ltd Benefit】 (Darius CD)

Cost: 18,500 yen (excluding taxes) / 19,980 yen (tax included)
Product Content:
Darius Cosmic Collection Special Edition
Electric Fan Drostring
Silver Hawk Dishes
Darius Sena sticker sticker

Purchase Privilege: "Darius's Audio Track – Teat V." for Evilton. Limited privilege for
Soundtrack of "Darius Alpha" "Darius Audio Track – ProCo Ver. – (Download)" and "Darius Audio Track – Tiaat Ver." Are quoted in.

"Darius Cosmic Collection" Included

Regular edition, special edition (limited production) usually records titles
Darius (arcade)
Darius II (arcade)
Sagia (arcade) * Darius II Overseas version
Darius Gaiden (arcade)

Record the title only for special editions (limited product)
Darius Twin (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)
Darius Force (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)
Sagia (Sega Master System) * Darius II Overseas Version
Darius II (mega drive)
Darias alpha (pc engine)

Product Information

Title Name
Darius Cosmic Collection
Darius Cosmic Collection Special Edition
Supported modelsNintendo Switch
ManufacturerCranberry Corporation
Expected Release DateScheduled February 28, 2019 (Thursday)
Regular edition: 5,200 yen (non-tax) / 5,616 yen (tax inclusion)
Special edition: 16,800 yen (excluding taxes) / 18,144 yen (tax included)
Number of players1 to 2 people
Sales areaJapan
CairoScheduled review

Image Product Image is an image under development.
There is a limited amount of special special edition and benefits. He will soon come to an end.

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