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[방송]& # 39; You & # 39; ll be back to Park & ​​# 39; ♥ Kim Min-Sayok, interesting curling romance new world


& # 39; Curling Romance & # 39; Feel like a tangle.

A cubing challenge in Jung-ju (Park U-Nan) and Kang Zhin-chan (Kim min-zak)

As a result of Tinnitus, he became a mixed doubles program and came to his hometown to think of the national possibility. There she became a partner with the clergy, which was unpleasant once.

The currants are active in the Curling Kingdom team. He is a member of mixed male and female teams. This ritual was brought to the Lord with joy and rejoicing. But the Lord helped him. In fact, this sacrament is Tinnitus of the Lord.

The master said, "I am corrupt and dirty", that command was "three years older than you." The timing of the ritual was delayed and he learned about his master's tinnitus and did not drag him to piengchung.

It is the first play in the field of sports curling through the Peenachang Winter Olympics. There is a new view in home theater.

The story of two male and female characters, Kapila, Romance, etc., is a way to reconcile, just like the massive canvas.

Actors' performance was remarkable. Kim mini-seok was taken in the middle of the drama by having a smooth language and a permanent acting. Parky expressed the feelings of a deeper bend.

Kim Su-Jung reporter [email protected] Photo = KBS2 & # 39; Broadcast screen capture

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