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[아무튼, 주말] Congolese Election Commission visited –


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Chief Investigating Officer of Weekend

Ness's former secretary-general Kim Yong said that he helped only a good domestic company about our electoral system.
Former Secretary General Kim Yong-hi said, "We can only help a good domestic company with our electoral system.

& # 39; Fair & # 39; The internal block of the last block is inside and outside the Central Election Commission. The Kim Yong-Hue prosecution has served as Secretary General of the Cabinet. He is the head of a group that has created a budget bureau after retirement, doubts that he has employed a special company. In this process, a labor worker is likely to intervene with the apparatus for exporting it to the dictorial DR Congo, and a Congolese Civil Society team also visited.

Former General Secretary Kim Chancong Waay, who has been appointed as a standing committee member, said. The Standing Committee member of the NEC is a full time Member of the nine members participating in the overall meeting of the NEC and examines whether the election related matters are illegal. Former FASS chief Kim Ki-sik resigned last April. Because he was illegally sentenced to a public meeting. Chiyong v. Dao was examined under prosecution under investigation. Former Secretary-General Kim spoke in the area around, "I will not be able to get any responsibility in the near future." It's unusual. What's happening?

A-WEB, Mirwa Systems

The leadership of the NES 2013 is the formation of a nonprofit organization known as A-web. There are 111 electoral agencies from 105 countries, but capital is a key contributor to Korea. It supports 8 billion euros every year. While in Kelly Nice, he became the first Executive Secretary of the A-Web. He is still in office after retiring in 2016.

The A-WEB ODA (General Development Assistance) projects have been developed to develop developed infrastructure for electronic bill-to-market systems for developing countries. State budget has been entered. But in this process, some companies have been suspected of coordinating the supply of equipment.

On the basis of telecom audit results, DR Congo has signed a Memorandum of Understanding System to issue over 170 billion touch screen voting machines (TVS). Former Secretary General Kim said that the name Miri Systems in the D-Colony is a company she believes. The A-WEB staff, which translates French, has been asked to translate the documentation of bits of all systems. The employee said that such an act was inappropriate. But Kim said he was very angry. & # 39; Mystee Systems & # 39; Only through electoral communications technology will be purchased by all electoral devices from 2015 through the end of the year. The NIE said that Kim had been prosecuted for probe into the suspicion that he was stopped by the tandem.

It did not even know at the beginning. Because Kim has not taken care of that nemompatma. In June, I first appreciated Grant. A non-profit non-profit, the recently announced promotion of international organizations. In this case, it can be avoided by NEC budgeting and supervision. With regard to this, the Office of the General Secretary has been changed over time to stop lifting by lifting control over the extension.

In August DR NES Regular, member of the Independent Commanders of the Congo Civil Society Group
In August, representatives of the D-Congo civil rights group representatives visited the judiciary.

Operating functionalityThe bump is not closed. On August 9, the Central Election Commission of Goa visited Goa's freedom fighter, DR Congo. The NED demanded to prevent TVs from exporting to DR Congo. TVS can handle the results of the election results, so results are not reliable. Demo Congo is a country in which President Joseph Kabila was in power for 17 years. The Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Korea to the Democratic Republic of Korea said that the Democratic Republic of Korea would lead to the election of the Democratic Republic of Korea, the European Ambassador in D'Koko, which exported $ 48 billion electronic bolt equipment last year, but the Iraqi general election The Iraqi government is investigating.

Former Secretary General Kim Yong denied the allegations. Since there is only one technology required to export the mirrored system, it does not mean that you do the job. Kim says that they can buy only a company making Microsoft Office programs for Microsoft. The problem of European nations is that they protect their companies to compete with Mirage Systems. This is just one reason why. "It was the first time that DRC Conga has arrived to introduce the company to the myriad systems and we have been advised that the next bidding should be in compliance with domestic companies.

There is an analysis of the current and current staff members of the Standing Committees who are appointed as Standing Committees. Former Secretary General Kim, former Kim Dy-jin, nine members of the legislature are three legislatures. The three were elected to the National Assembly and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The Standing Committee belongs to the President. They cover the crimes of major issues related to elections. "If Kim Yong-h is standing in the Standing Committee, I'm likely to be a member of a strong committee that overrides the Chairperson," and "I'm afraid the government is trying to influence the decisions of the NEEE by a particular person". . "I never talked to you, talked to HR or may not be a problem." "I'm in the frames of others with greed for standing standards," said Kim Yong-hi. .

Prosecution investigation did not end.

What is truth Former Secretary General Kim Yong said that the company is the only company in the technology company, Mir. Industrial observers said, "Mirzstims have the greatest technology to build supplements." Charges are difficult to apply if it is an airkeeper within prosecution charge.

But experts say, "why has Mirzas cements got so much technical? In this industry, the foremost factor in the contract is to hear and develop information in advance.

If you provide a specific company time to prepare pre-designed devices and provide information that promotes emergency bidding, you can create a structure that can not participate in a priority-winning company. NEC's Audit Results A-WEB, MIRU Systems Motors have given priority over many different ways. I believe other companies like Mirror Systems have created an environmental environment.

In 2005, Mirama's operations took up the job of Namyam. The consortium has started with S1 for 1,292 touch screen voting systems, 500 terminals and 250 markers. Former chief secretary-general Kim Yong-ee was in the key positions of the election chief and the election chief. Thereafter, hundreds of millions of contracts were signed. It is the responsibility of a substantial amount.

In such a situation, the Standing Committee of Chan Wu Dee Nee reviewed and reviewed the recommendations of former General Secretary Kim Yong-He. Prosecution investigation did not end. It is said to be influenced by the Cheong Wu-Day Day monopoly. "Do not focus on those who need high vision of neutrality and justice," Nationals can bring national disasters that can not be withdrawn by political and strategic approaches.

: DR Congo

The official name is the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Congo (Congo) is another country from neighboring country.

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