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Lee Hunhun & # 39; Woo Stars Stars & # 39; Chay worn with Saina Binny.

On December 12, Lee So Soon-Lean (Lee So-hoon) presented her own role as a Midsummer in the Fox Gates Star of the SBS drama.

On this day, the stranger was stabbed to death in the middle of a wedding. ए-ja-lee called Lee Soon and informed of the dangers of the summer.

At that moment, we ran a wheelchair out of the wo-yeon wheelchair and ran towards a student. He suffered to take his cell phone, but he broke into a wheelchair.

Le was quick to complain that she was injured in the summer, and the former employer of the Nag Nag Bomb, said, "I will never take vengeance." Then he went straight to the culprit and punished him for putting the blame on him. He called the security team and informed him where he was.

The culprit was found in the airport resume room linked to the Chattis tape. The security team wondered, Lee Zong-wake (Lee So Wong) questioned Lee Soon. He opposed Lee as Yang Yang Suk's (Kim G-zou), saying, "I can not close my eyes unless I am able to take another person's risk." "Yang said attacking superstitions without any doubt."

Lee Susu Tina's death has been confirmed by Chan (Park Hycock – Quan). He replied: "Did you forget that on the first day and tell me what I said? Your new power is a gift for an ordinary life, and you can not use it to get people to use it for misery or for your greed."

Lee Sonon said, "I do not want to do my dear ones, but I should not do that." Jan said, "I do not know what's next to your body, essentially everyday life is natural."

Fortunately, the median rain came to restore consciousness. Le Suwayan went to the break in the summer and saw her mother, Yuen Hi-Jin (Kim a Jin). Lee Susu touatah said, "I love a midmaster," said Yoon Hye, who was injured by Lee Soo and said, "This is a painless shooter, it will create a hazard, but it will not be, and it will be difficult."

Lee Suu Suiq later said that young Choi von youth of Han Jai saved herself. Yoon Hye-won said, "It's odd that you have a relationship.

In the meantime, chief of the chief, Ci in In-Wu (Lee Don – Ka), "There's Lee Hu, is there staff?" "He says. His name is Lee Susan.

I do not know if I do not know Lee Suuban. I do not know Lee So Zoi. But I do not know if that can be done. He went out and opened the seat. The committee ordered the Lee inquiry.

Lee walks by Sono-Mids and Midsummer, walking through the night and kissing him continuously. Lee Lee Zoo Tone, a former summer friend, said: "Do you love the summer? It's different before you like it, but it's different when you start dating." I taught you.

Lee Soo – summer decided to confess in summer, going home in the summer. "I want to show you," he said, from his dripping off aunts. This summer, Lee So-Yon's intention was misunderstood, saying, "I'm not ready for it, if you're naked," he declined.

Since that time, Midmeyer wondered to see Lee Suu Yuga wearable. Lee Sonon said, "This is actually a different person.
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