Thursday , September 16 2021

[프로야구] Yang's return … Return to Report Home Run

[프로야구] Yang's return … Return to Report Home Run
[스포츠와이드] [앵커]

Ahn Yang-Myung of Professional Baseball NC returns in a month.

He led the team to three consecutive wins with three hits, including a home run.

Professional baseball news, this is Kim Jong-hyuk.


Yang, who batted four times in the back of the month, hit the left-hander in his first at-bat.

In the second-at-bat for the third time, he struck Hanawa starter Park Joo-hong's fastball and drew a 14th solo arch on the left wall.

Yang-UI, who hit the ball five times, scored six hits in the front left field, scoring three hits, including one home run.

Even with my catcher's mask, my desire to announce my full recovery from injury.

Smolinski scored six RBIs, including a home run, and scored three consecutive wins over Hanawa.

"I played for a while and I was a little nervous, but luckily I felt good enough that I could win by playing without injury."

Kivum Sands draws the 125th two-run arch to the left of the fifth fence.

Then LG Paguro responded to the Grand Slam by hitting on a true Blair in a attack attack.

Sands, who hit a home run, was the home run.

LG won the game with the final hit of Kim Min-song.

In its opening match against SK, Samsung's new foreign watchmaker Ben Lively lost five innings and four runs.

Katie wins against Lotte, who hit the 13th home run of the season.

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