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10 DNA products found in DNA 3 dogs and cats "


Speaking at a meeting held at the Yuouido parliamentary house in Solis, Care Animal Care Organization (KEE), members of the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever, [뉴스1]

The dog and the cat are the hair.

"In China every year 5 million cats have been killed and 20 million cats are killed for hair." Park Sam-Mein, the maintenance provider for animal protection, said in an interview with CBS Radio. It is estimated there. "

The park was being researched in Heingbai, Hainang, China and one of the world's largest fur products. "I can see the hair of dogs and cats," said Park. It has not been confirmed that it arrived in Korea. However, I heard that all the hair follicles were the largest turkey in turkey and Korea. "

"After that, pigs and cats have been purchased from Insadong, Seoul, and DNA, and as a result, three products have been confirmed by dogs and cats."

"10 dogs (dogs and hairs) mean dogs and hairs," he said.

Member of an animal protection organization in CARE, Germany, who performed chemotherapy by the German Shepherd Dog at a Parliamentary Hall on April 15 at a parliamentary hall in Yeudigo. [뉴스1]

Even if you ask about the hairs of animals, sellers sell products, "said Park." Dogs are cheating to be a wolf or raccoon, and he adds a rabbit's disease to cats.

At 15 pm, Lee Jun-Mie, a member of the Justice and Reputation Agency, was involved in the passports of dogs and cats.

According to the color, thickness and time of slaughtering, each calf is 1200 to 1300. Approximately 40 cats have entered a coat. The wholesale price of 90,000 journals and a retail price was sold at Rs 160,000. Big dog leather was sold for between 14,000 to 48,000 fishermen and 8,000 to 13,000 for small dogs.

"Lee's aim is the shocking apprehension that Korean people are the biggest consumers of these horns". "I do not want foreign fancy goods to use hair, which means Korea is a real luxury product, and I want to get the idea that it's a favorite product." "We will continue to improve and discuss citizen's views so that customers and business can collaborate together." He said.

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