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2 "expulsion of the country –

Kim Sung-tay – Kim Kwan Yuan
The National Assembly is being frozen since it is a free Korean party. The party demands the president of the country to dismiss President Moon Jee's president. He also indicated the possibility of the boycott of the National Assembly. The Hong Kong Finance and Finance Ministry of Finance and Finance will hope to have government budget proposals and prospectus before K-Hire.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, Kim Kwan-young, head of the National Assembly viliccucerttappeal a press conference on March 13, "President Moon Jubbulpore bharanakaksiyum appointments of the government's request was rejected,. Who are responsible steps to take responsible measures to the president of the Tokyo-siyeakkine individuals bharanakaksiyum to the person of Joe W Iseadhikkunnatinulla have rejected the domination of the employer's investigation will take responsibility for the scandal, the normal parliamentary schedules bud'dhimuttayene. "The opposition party boycotted the last day of the Uri Party.

Opposition leaders of the Opposition parties had met 1 and 2 days earlier. On May 5, the parties and the opposition parties raised the demand. Opposition parties and sub-contractors also intervened without interference. In particular, they said: "On September 9, when we formed a labor-standard consultant body for the govern- ment opposition parties, I did not have a doctor, and I would not ignore it." Meanwhile, the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Environment and President Kim Dai-Hien, Speak to be nominated jointly Pa on the decision. .

In a telephone conversation with Dong-A Ilbo, Kim Sung-Tey said: "We talked to Mantel to give us a good message, but the shift to Kim So Hojin is a struggle against the opposite." Kim Kwan-Young criticized, "I've sent a special letter to the president of the financial team," I can not tell the glittering door. "

In addition, the Democratic Party declared its intention to reject it. Keywill committee chairman Kim Tae Yu said the opposition of the opposition parties should not repeat the previously unrecognized cases. Change's response was cold. President Li Jong-Sayok was present at the National Assembly Steering Committee. He had asked the Opposition to dissolve the opposition's demand.

Two opposition parties seem to be pressured for such borrowing pressure by deciding not to link the government-ruled party by prioritizing budget review and hawking hiring. The Korean party and the right party are the full boycott of bourgeois recruitment. However, staff hearings, bill review and partial budget review will have a selected rejection. The Korean government was not ready to form a special committee that required the approval of the National Assembly, the Supreme Court judge, Kim Sam Han.

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