Saturday , June 10 2023

2 NK Strike winner … interview with many students


(Source = start news)

(Source = start news)

A portion of the message from High School teacher in Nanson, South Chansheng province, shared with boys.

The twelfth, beginning the news, shared a message between a 30-year-old senior teacher and a student. Recently, there have been sexual relations with two younger students.

"If I were pregnant", "I have a few children", "let's marry", "go to pharmacy, buy a pregnancy test test machine"

Also teacher A said, "Okay, I want to see you, I'm handsome," he said.

The messages were handed over after the case was revealed. One teacher said, "My mother knew when I drank my mobile phone now," said the teacher, "are you good at school?

On November 11, a teacher's husband claimed that he had a relationship with his wife last year. The student A student had sex with a student. Mr B had a suspicion that he had a relationship with a teacher.

This incident became famous and many shocked me. The title of the Chong Wai Day Bill on the National People's Petition website is asking me to conduct a full investigation into the issue of rape of Nonson's daughters. & # 39;

In April she retired as a female teacher and abandoned her husband in August.

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