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& # 39; 40 meter Wonder Goal & # 39; Sohan Hang-Min, 50 goals from Tottenham

Sohan Hang-Min, a 40-meter break-away goal, after the first goal of EPL and the entry of Totenam, Sohan Hang-Min, Chelsea are shooting 6 times 3 shots and 2 times drill and 1 key pass in the shooting.

[골닷컴] Kim Hueyen Min reporter Sohan Hang-Mean achieved this season's 50th goal of the official tournament by moving into Tottenham with Chelsea's target in the English Premier League (EPL).

Finally, Sohan Hang-Min broke! Sohan Heng-Min won a 3-1 win against Chelsea in the 13th round of the 2018/19 season at Wembley Stadium in Tottenham.

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Son will not rest until the 2018 World Cup finals in 2018 and until 2017 in the Palembang Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games. In addition, in September and October it was asked to play in Totnikham as successor in the match. It is Sohan Hang-Min, who came to the Russian Federation and Indonesia and to England and Korea. Of course, it was difficult to maintain normal conditions.

However, during an A-match evaluation game in November, Meat Breaker Sang Hong Mien suffered a mild foot by Chelsea defender. Son Hang – Chelsea defenders were impressed by the mini-long-fast fast footwork. Son Hang-Min was not rough in the normal position.

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Ten minutes into the game, Sohan moved to the middle of the side and tried to strike the right-footed shot from Christian Erikson, after a quick break in the 13th minute, Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger was able to shoot a right foot shot without an angle from the rebounder, but Café Area Balana was blocked by goalkeeper Had been done. Thereafter, in the 31st minute to get a left foot shot for sensation between Chelsea defender David Lewis and Rudiger, Son Hung-Min got a long pass from Ali Ali. Soha shot an unsteady volley in the first six months, but the Cappa did not add to the goal in the opening goal.

In the second half, the gold was not tired. In the second half of the second half, Son Hang-Min got a pass from the right-hand side and took a break from Chelsea's defensive midfielder Gioyogi Nu and defender Luis. This was a great goal, not to exaggerate the best EPL round of this round.

Sun-hang-Mini tried six best shots at Chelsea show and three Chelsea players joined three more effective shots of joint effective shot (twice). The success rate was 83.3%, then Atan Sen (89.2%) was the first to start the totem. He also made two successes with the dribble, and once was a main pass (one with a shot), and had strong influence during the invasion. After changing the Sohn Hang-Min with Eric Lemela in the 33rd minute, fans of Tottenham's house filled up the Wembley stadium with enthusiasm.

Most of all, this goal was more meaningful because Soh Dong-Me was 50 in the official tournament in the summer of 2015, when he was in Tottenen Uniform. Son Hung-Min scored 31 goals in Tottenham's EPL 107 games, scored 9 goals in 16 FA Cup, 17 goals in 17 Champions League, 3 goals in 9 goals in the Europa League, and 2 goals in five league squads. There are a total of 154 games, 50 goals, and 1 goal per 3 goals. If you include help, you score a target point (target + help) per 2 goals with 50 goals and 26 assists.

For reference, Son Hung-Min has created 99 professional tournaments with Beauer Leverkusen and Tottenham, because he had a professional career in Hamburg on October 30, 2010. Soon, Hang Mean Romance Professional Pro Baseball will score 100 goals.

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