Wednesday , May 18 2022

& # 39; s Hong Kong counterfeiting & # 39; Model model, depression, and appeal has begun


[이데일리 박지혜 기자] Ano (25), a suspicious female model of "HongKude nude model", is associated with depression and strict control.

At the age of 15, depression, stress, anger control restrictions,

A 25-year-old friend of the naked model of the nude model in the department of the university department of the Hong Kong University was going to the police station to obtain a review review at the Western Cial District Court on May 12. News)

Ahin was arrested in May for posting a nude photograph of a male female Internet community in a Wood Model photograph.

1 Shim Ahn was sentenced to 10 months' imprisonment and 40 hours of sexual abuse. Two years of jail sentence was pronounced as punishment.

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