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& # 39; Samsung Biotechnology Accounting & # 39; Lee Lejong's successor, direct control and major legal issues

Problems of Samsung's bio accounting
Lee Jae-Jung's direct control and the right to major legal issues

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Korean Securities and Futures Commission, Samsung Bio Logix (Samsung Bio) is deliberately calculated. The Financial Supervisory Service is headed by a special supervisor and is only a year and eight months after March.

Samsung's Biotech, a subsidiary of Samsung's Boutique, decided to change accounting standards at the end of 2015. The Samsung Bitech Co., Ltd has estimated that a total of $ 4.5 trillion is calculated. Prosecution of prosecution must be prosecuted, recommendation of dismissal of the representative office, 8WRF Corp. of the KWW. Samsung Beo was immediately suspended from trading and had to be delisted.

In 2016, a role in the audit of the state should be suspected to be the nightmare of Samsung's disadvantage in the Piaggio Solidarity for Participate Democracy and the Democrat Party in Shim Sang. Before Samsung took over the position of Samsung vice chairman Lee J-Young in Samsung C & C and Kyle Industries, Samsung has bumped up the company to upgrade the Samsung Biotech company's Epsilon stock.

In the course of Samsung's bureaucratic accounting controversy, it has recently become a subsidiary of Samsung's Biobus subsidiary. By 2015, a US subsidiary is a "subsidiary company". When the accounting standards were changed as affiliate companies, Samsung's BISTEX's value increased from 462.1 billion to 4.8082 trillion won. Samsung's Boutique has been a deficit for the past four years. At the end of 2015, net profit was 1.9 trillion won.

Cayle Industries is one of the largest shareholders in Lee Jen Vice Chairman. Cheil Industries has a value of Samsung Bio and Samsung Beow Subsidy, because the value of the Chen industry is different from the value of the AP.

He also added that Samsung will be implementing Biotechnics technology as a supplemental company in cooperation with Biogas in 2012. Accordingly, in 2012, the inspiration for violating the accounting standards was & # 39; ignored & # 39; It came and & # 39; s a big & # 39; s in 2014. Since its adoption in 2012 by Samsung Bio Ejiks, Samsung continues to be a joint venture with BEOPS. However, it would have to review its financial statements. By 2015, changing account criteria has moved from one end to a surplus shop

Prior to that, Samsung announced its Call option (the right to buy stocks at a fixed price) in 2014, a joint venture of the SAE Bio-APIC US Budget. The regulation of the 2015 Golden Bourne project has lost control. Company & # 39; s

The Supreme Court has imposed a penalty of over 170 million fine for violating the accounting mandate of Samsung's group on Samsung Accounting Corporation for a Samsung Bitcoin account. We decided to restrict the Audit performance of Samsung BIATS for three years to Ajin Accounting Corporation.

Samsung·There is a criticism that Anjun Accounting Corporation is too weak.. 1Joe 4Arthur Anderson is an accounting firm in the US corporation's Elon, a subsidiary of US $ 100 billion. & # 39;Cotton bat settlement& # 39;It is called.

Kim Kueug-Ruler 15The sun KBS Radio & # 39;Best Performance of the Jun Jun-Hae& # 39;In an interview "I can not thank other companies or the entire Samsung group. 5It can not be done for years.. Samsung has dozens, There are hundreds of companies and other company can offer auditing or consultancy services. This is almost a bat difference"It was criticized.. Executive Committee chairman "In the process of directing administrative judgments, Samsung is doubtful that the bombings of bio logics will be prepared in advance"He said.

Based on the decision of the supervisory board, Samsung will be suspended for trading on Bio Stock Time, subject to the Korean Exchange's listing verification. Samsung Bio Logix has expressed regret over this decision.

There is no doubt that Samsung will not have any future in the future regarding Samsung's electronic vice chairman Lee jae-ying's succession, as Samsung is suspected to be in two years of biogas' abuse.

If Lee Jai-Young orders the league treasurer to withdraw his rule, the investigation into the allegations against prosecution's prosecutors is crucial. In particular, the Vice Chairman may have considerable influence in the trial of the former park Geun-hye successor.

Executive chairman Kim Qiang-Riul "The worst part of Samsung's impact on Lee Jae-Jang's succession"And then "Lee J-Young, Vice President 2Because of the release of the probation I was suspended, the act of hand was not considered continuously., Listed, This is going to be a case.. That is the result of an incident involving one another, which results in that. and so, & # 39;It was not a bribe.& # 39;The FIG 2Remnants of great law and new evidence in high life were abandoned, New decisions should be made with financial justifications"He said.

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In the middle of the scratch book of MCC Radio on the 15th of May, "Samsung Bio accounting is not only on Samsung Bio, but also to increase the value of the chill in the chassis when Chel Industries and Samsung C & T join." Finally, Lee Jai with Chee Industries and Samsung C & -Yong's merger vice chancellor to strengthen the control of the Samsung Group Man Lee Jai-steady urappakkiyittilla legitimacy. "Jay-Young Lee, Vice ceyarmaninre pingamiyellam the management of rights is meaningless.

Chai predicted that the vice chairman's experiments would have considerable influence. "In Samsung's merger process, the national pension merchandise could not be challenged, so a positive vote of national pension was inevitable." Lee Jae-Yong presided with President Park Guineh Hai and the National Pension is being prosecuted for what this might do, which would give a bribe. Lee Jai-Young's verdict was settled in a verdict that both the Vice Chairman of the Supreme Court and the trial of former President Park Guine Hai would be harmful to either.

Civil society and some parliamentary constituencies have been trying to disclose the fact that Samsung's Benefit. In November 2016, deputy Shim Sang-jung and PSSP argued. The decision to merge with Sanyan Industries and Samsung C & T was unusual, arguing that misuse of Samsung's Bideax's account was misunderstanding. The partnership agreement with dozens of press releases has repeatedly asked questions. This includes analytics reports on this topic. Responding to these applications, a special supervision of the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) was entered in March this year.

According to Samsung Bio, Samsung does not work with Samsung C & T and Fellows indices. Koo added that the suspended decision was criticized by Samsung. Meanwhile, the lawmaker of the Democratic Party revealed an internal document containing clear evidence that Samsung already knows the value of Samsung Bio's value during the Park Yong-Jen merger. Samsung's stable explanations have shown that everything is wrong.

"Decisions made by a Securities and Futures Commission fill a small button of reform." Shim Sang Jang of the National Assembly on May 15 said: "The financial committee for removal of corruption now has time, and I expect that."

Simone said, "If you think that this is a serious problem, you can see the state of Enron in the US, in 2001, US Corp. Enron traced $ 1.4 trillion in treasury, and 24 years and 4 months imprisonment," said CEO Jeff Skilingling, the country's financial and capital markets. The critical function of these principles is to achieve favorable social assets.

In the meantime, "caveapealinre successor to the illegal practices that must be changed now. Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jay-steady cengvadeyumayi the successor to Samsung's business transactions were conducted arbitrarily. Samahariccappeal the old economic order of the people's funds salyappetuttiyittunt seriously." A representative of the Korean company Samsung, we You can get the latest to Korea, "he said.

Simi ordered a renovation from financial authorities including the Financial Services Commission. "If the internal control of the institution is overlooked by the accounting and capital markets market, the fiscal deficit will lose its credibility, and as a result, the development of the capital market will become a factor," he said. Whoever believes in the people will be the builder of it.

Park Yong Jin made a press conference yesterday, "The Soviets are a serious criminal act of accounting for the accounting capital market." He said, "The comprehensive investigation should continue and the severe punishment will be."

The park claims that it is not the end of the wrong calculation account with the purpose of Samsung Bio Logix & # 39; I have dropped the responsibilities of the Finance Department to one day when the Supreme Court's decision against Vice President Lee Jaing-yang and the probe into Samsung's C and T corporation's misuse.

The consensual abuse of Samsung Beow Logos prosecution is investigating that Samsung will prove to be a problem for C & C and Cail Industries. It should be revealed by a fact that Lee je's contact with the direct succession of Yong Yong.

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