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7 minutes in search of the game … underground search of Mars


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[오늘의 세상]Insight, Humanity 8th Mars Settlement

NASA's Insight Mars Spacecraft successfully landed at Mars 4:53 (US time) on Mars. When the news of the success of the landing was heard, the citizens saw this scene on the bulletin board in New York Times Square Plaza as well as at the Control Center of California Jet Propulsion Laboratory. NASA Chief Executive Jim Brendstein said, "Today, Mars is on the eighth time in human history on Mars." Under the insight, future astronauts will provide valuable information on Mars and Mars. ".

NASA's Dr. Tom Hoffman focuses on the surface of Mars, after the landing of Mars.
"It's a picture of insight." – NASA's Dr. Tom Hoffman states that Insight is Mars's surface photo taken immediately after landing. The camera lens is covered with a translucent cover, which shows many stains, but the landing area is a slightly rocky flat area. / Reuters

In 1976, the US Starting with the Viking investigation, the US tried to land the Mars on the 11th mission. Three of them former Soviet Union faced three failures, including Mascarad. Successful landing of INSite The government-led deep spatial research and development has accelerated. In the United States the Trump government gave the orbit of the planet to the private sector, and the government improved its space development strategy by focusing on deeper space exploration such as the Moon and Mars.

& # 39; Seven minutes of fear & # 39; Passed safely

On 5th May, the intersection left Earth to fly 450 million kilometers in Mars orbit. An astronauts from the 128 km to 12800 kilometers / hour on the daylight in the atmosphere entered the atmosphere.

Mars landing is the most difficult process after entering the atmosphere. Because the atmosphere is only 1% of the planet, the friction of air does not reduce the original rate of the lender. All three landing failures have not been reduced and the ground level is estimated to have been hit. Space scientists' atmospheric entry & # 39; seven minutes of fear & # 39; Landing till then At the end of the day, the particle could reduce the speed by 65 meters per second, while the heat sink, parachute, and backstock rocket were administered respectively for 6 minutes and 30 seconds after entering the atmosphere.

Comparison of Earth and Mars

Insight's landing news was sent by briefcase-size miniature satellite "Marco". In the past, the duration between Mars and Earth stretched for three hours. On the other hand, Marco Satellite is very small and flexible and due to the development of communication technology, the time limit of communication has been reduced to 8 minutes and 7 seconds. This almost radio wave is similar to reaching the Earth.

Near the Equator of Mars, the Illusium Plains are the place where the insight has been reached. NASA researchers identified it as "a parking space of more than 100 kilometers", there is no barrier. Immediately after landing, Insight photographed the surface with the camera at the bottom of the fuselage and saw that it is a flat area, which is not clear due to the camera's semi-transparent security cover, but it has some rock.

Study of the molecule and cruisal structure of Mars

In the past, when Mars was on Mars's surface, to find targets of living things, Insight studied the underlying assumption of Mars and molecule. By 24th November, 2020, for two years, the Geological System has planned to capture earthquake 5 or more earthquakes, and this plan is to install heat sensor up to 5 meters depth. Scientists still do not know that Mars is a central liquid or solid, earth-like planet. Earthquake and thermocycling information can determine the status of internal content. This important information is to avoid risk factors such as earthquake during the development of Mars. Insights also send the condition of its accuracy as a radar on Earth. This is the information that confirms whether or not Mars stops. If you look at the swing of Mars with the location information of the insight, you can see that there is also fluid inside the Mars.

NASA confirmed that solar panels were exposed for 5 hours and 30 minutes after landing the inspection. It is the beginning of a full-scale mission. Insights reveal a 1.8-meter long robot hand within a few days and installs cesimeters and heat sensors within two to three months. NASA scientists expect "the future of planet Earth to be seen by the current state of Mars." It is believed that Mars is now deserted.

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