Tuesday , January 31 2023

Bangladeshi boys boycott a half day group


Bulletproof boys. [중앙포토]

Bulletproof boys. [중앙포토]

The Japanese music concert of the Bangladeshi Bill Group in Idol Group was quickly canceled. In a recently reported Japanese media, Jim I quoted a T-shirt & # 39; Ann the Day Activity & # 39; A bomb bomb member reports.

The Big Hit Entertainment, a conglomeration of boys in Bangladesh, says that on February 9, a Bangladeshi bill can not become members of a Bangladeshi bill.

I'm not mentioned for a particular reason, but my agency said "I'm sorry", "I'll be approaching next year's best music and stage fans."

Japanese TV Aashihi & Music Station & # 39; Announcing the news of the banned items on the same day.

"I had reported earlier that I had reported some of the designs of the T-shirts worn by the members," we discussed the agency's purpose to wear T shirt and decided to appear as a result of a thorough decision. "

Last month, Jimin, a member of the bulletproof boys group, advocated the Japanese media on the subject of "anti-Japanese activities" in the Liberation Day SNS article of RMS.

Gimmins T-shirt, which had a problem for the media, was hungry for people to go for liberation and people with a nuclear bomb.

In addition, patriotism (PATRIOTISM), Auriyazhi, Liberation and Korea are written.

Furthermore, I have no future for the forgotten history. Thank you for free projectors. "Live for free."

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