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Because, depending on the type of acne, treatment becomes variable.


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The average age limit for acne is enhanced. In addition to acne due to hormonal changes in adolescence, the number of adult acne patients has increased. Adults suddenly become acne, and often find people looking for dermatology.

Acne appears in various forms, and its appearance varies. Therefore, if you have the right approval for acne and the type of the patient, a basic solution becomes difficult. Acne, acne called cottonseed in the early phase, usually called the wheeze acne occurs.

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If so, why is this acne dirty? Acne factors can be divided into internal factors and outlook factors.

An inner person can think about acne as a major constitution. That is, how much it seabeth secretly. These internal factors can change due to hormones and unrestricted lifestyles. For example, the production of hormones, such as cortisol, skin wrinkles, and sometimes changes the skin. Especially for women, the effect of hormones on menstruation can make skin acne or trouble.

It is an external exterior. The use of bleeding, oil products, excessive cleansing, excessive scrap products, and products on the skin can cause bleeding in the skin.

Inflammation of acne is an acne. Therefore, it can cause pain and cough. The acne is caused by the phen acne pens. Personal differences in the intestinal tract. Inflammatory cytokines, such as TGF-beta, IL-4 and IL-6, are very evident in soft pimples.

In the case of this rough acne, it is important to determine how much foreshadowing the swelling may be. If a primary treatment is appropriate, it is a determining factor that will blur or cause severe pain.

In the case of adult acne, this gray acne will again appear on the mouth, skin and face. The nature of these areas is a thick layer of pores. It helps to get it relatively easily. When the fiber in the skin becomes lemon, the skin becomes the next day.

The incomplete drainage and repeated drainage are the characteristic of the pimple acne with the phenomenon of severe repetition of the same site.

Adults have an acne that is stressed, overeating, and sleepiness. When the fermentation of women is passed, the fermenting of the fermenting should not be erased or eroded properly. Excessively, excessively, often, often leads to acne, which is chronic.

"The Park Park Junk-Joo, MD of Dermatology Department, said:" Purulent is a laser treatment to prevent acne and acne scarring, regulation, and repeat control, scaling etc. "

The park said, "Acne treatment will be delayed and cuts, after wearing the skin, acne will need treatment and treatment faster and faster."

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