Monday , May 29 2023

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Roundabout, West Lake … more "send a large amount of taste from North Korea"

Chong Wai Day Day said that North Korea was awarded 200 tonnes of tangerine from South Korea on 11th 11th.
"We had walked with Jeju Tangar at our Jeju International Airport early this morning, our trip for the Pyongyang Saloon Airport," a spokesman for Chiang Wa Day Day said.
Deputy UNICEF minister Chunay and Unity Policy Secretary of West Louis Chaga Wahe, transported north to the transport aircraft to Pyongyang. It is in accordance with the instructions of President Moon Jee. Kim spokesman said: "Two tons of pine mushrooms in the Pyongyang Summit in September are giving thanks to the local ones.
Pigeon Orange is a southern fruit that is commonly enjoyed by North Koreans. We have chosen it for the season. "He has given the opportunity to enjoy it in large quantities for the North Koreans.
The silvery oranges are divided into 20,000 10 ㎏ boxes. They are divided twice a day and 12th day.
Four transport flights (C-130) will move once every transport. It will reach Pyongyang at 10 am. Come back to Korea at 1 pm. Kim spokesman explained.
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