Friday , March 31 2023

Busan City · LAH marks cooperative agreement to activate recycling centers


Busan and New Zealand also plan to contribute to the development of Busan and Korean Land and Housing Corp (LH) to revive the development of the downtown areas in connection with the development of Northern Port Integrated.

On Wednesday afternoon, Obama announced Busan City on 19th to cooperate with the Korean Land and Housing Corp in the Hall and International Hall of the City Hall International to collaboration with the Central Government's Integrated Development Development Program.

This is a project to enhance the sustainability of the downtown area by developing the development of big development projects, including redevelopment in the entire area of ​​the downtown area of ​​the North Ports.

This Agreement is to establish a Master Plan for the Restoration of City Center in the Integrated Development of the North Ports and Find Urban Renaissance Program on the development of the North Ports. It plans a plan to actively collaborate.

City and Korea Land and Housing Corp will establish a convention council in December to promote efficient operations, and discuss specific topics with each other.

Additionally, "2019 Integrated Development of North Port" works at "Master Plan Establishment Service for Reconstruction of the City Sector".

In the meantime, while promoting various kinds of development projects in the Downtown area, the decline in the number of people's homes, the number of closed projects and the population growth is increasing.

Cities have been planning to cooperate with Cairo Land and Housing Corp. The city will also plan to create attractive places where local residents are employed, workplace work, work center and historic and cultural resources.

Bushan Mayor Ogdogon said, "The history of the original Downtown area has been saved and the original harbor of Pusan ​​Port 1 made possible", "We reverted to the city of downtown after the redeeming of the city center and increase the competitiveness of marine consumption by the city's renaissance."

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