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This article was posted on November 28, 2018 at 10:30 pm Delaware paid pagesIt's an article that appears.

Li, Wong-Yeol pulls out the chairman of the Cologne group from management front line.

On January 28, Cole announced that the chairman Lee von-Hewol will go down until January 1, 2019.

After Honorable Chairman Go Dong Chan, Lee is leading the group from 1996 to 23 years.

Chairman Lee said through his intranet, "When I was my chairman at the age of 40, I promised to keep the steering wheel of the colonel," Now I will go back to business with a young man. "

For the Cologne family

Cologne family!

Are you completing one year? I will give you a picture of the new year and I will tell you one of my resolutions. I will withdraw from the chairmanship of the Cologne Group on January 1, 2019. I will be the CEO and director too. In the future, we will not participate in the management of colon. So this is the last time you are called "President" in your company.

I'm leaving the colon, but now it's a new beginning for me.

In January 1996, when I was in the chairmanship for 40 years of my life, I promised to keep Cologne's steering wheel for 20 years. I decided to live a new life at the age of 60. Three or more years have passed.

Invisible (incomprehensible). I'm going now or I'm afraid that I do not have the courage to challenge. I'm too long and I'm afraid it'll be late.

I will go back to Youth Lee Woolery and start a new business. I will try to spread my experience and knowledge beyond. I am ready to taste the sweetness of success in a new workplace. How do you if you can not do it freely Now you have the right to compromise.

I was told that I was born with a cricketer. Sisters in my family also literally tell me that I am there. It denies that I have lived a more special life than others. But I also felt the weight of responsibility. In the meantime, I grabbed a spoon and closed my mouth. Tooth breaks I'm really happy that I do not care about it. Now I will mean the privilege and responsibility.

One other reason is why you should not have time to leave.

The business environment changes very quickly. I can not look forward to What is certain that the world is changing, and if it does not change, it will be cut off.

Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain, Autonomous Navigation and Connected Cars. Shared economy and things internet If you get on this wave of industrial ecosystem change, you will live and fall soon. At this moment of joy we need to speed up change and innovation. There is a future when we have to cross the rush.

But we have not changed it 10 years ago or 5 years ago. Every year at the inaugural ceremony, I'm ready to change my mind, but I'm not ready to be a future winner. The medium-term strategy is a vague reality. I do not dream out of imagination. The plan to run that dream is not in detail. If I cry out that the & # 39; next me & # 39; If there is no future without any future, there is no echo.

In the meantime, we were against the Cologne's steering wheel. Now I feel that limit The field of view is faded from the front and the force gradually falls on the feet of the accelerator pedal. Suddenly, I was struck by the thought that I was stumbling. I thought that if I leave myself, I will actually change. My departure will complete if I start smoking bigger in transformation and innovation. As I leave I do not want to miss, you should know that it is time to change. If we can not take advantage of the moment of change at this moment, then there is no future.

I believe the new generation will never be before, and the colon will be successful in the future.

My mother-in-law Lee Lee Dong-Cha also said that the new generation should take a new business in the 21st century. When no one expected it, he left the colon. I think that's the same. A new era for me is the time to leave a new impression in the group, which will lead to the leap for change. Please go to the more accelerated accelerator pedal. Please open your eyes and look forward. I am accelerating your imagination.

Cologne family.

I was really happy with you for one hour. The courses we shared were happy. Sometimes we met with distress and Wavred, but why did our Colonians come back to find out why they got up and succeeded. Together with puzzles, I added my heart and crossed high barriers. & # 39; Cross Functional Communication & # 39; And & # 39; Open IT & # 39; Through, I feel a little less power of communication and innovation. Success and failure of the successful puzzle session has become an inspirational force for the development of everyday life. As long as the Cologne Group remains, these three will be a major part of our corporate culture.

At the end of the journey, I am 'My Way' by singer Yun Tai-guu. I remember the song. It's my 18th time, which I often say because the songs were OK.

& # 39; Everyone can fall at one time / I can not sit now /

As long as I'm on this road, I'll have to wake up and hit again. & # 39;

I will hit you When I fall I will stand up. I will run on my way to the future. On Crossroads, I give you faith and blessing to write a new history of colon. I appreciate your encouragement for my strong action on an unknown way.

Everyone in Cologne

Would not it be nice if I had broken this way? What will happen if you start a small marriage ceremony from workplaces across the country from Ulenge to Magog? But I fold it. It must be nice. One thing that I do not change even if I leave is that I am always a Cologne family. There is no separate retirement. In this letter I want to share this last with you. There is no time in my letter. Your true change and success will end.

I was really happy about you

Thank you

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