Saturday , June 10 2023

Detailed Action Plan for Executive Epic Games announced on: Director Board


Games Engine Epic Games will be showcased in Korea view of Korean AP's Games Korea and G-Star 2018. Epic Games booth will be announced on 12th of this month.

The epic Games, including the 100 booths, <포트나이트>. There are four devices available for PCs, PlayStation 4, Android and iOS mobile devices. <포트나이트>You can enjoy it.

Performance and many more <포트나이트> Events happen in the booth. 20 best game creators, crocodiles, crocodiles, etc., including professional game players like Stormer Brothers Grand Prix, C9, Kong Husk, OP Gaming, WGS, Wangling, Susie, and so on.

In addition, the Dancing Beer Crew <포트나이트>Dance performance poses a challenge for a famous actress. The famous Pony School Live & # 39; The special mission of the broadcaster is to be seen in this field. Crow Deck, PlayStation 4 Pro, Geoffords GTX 1070 and Xenix Gaming Chair will also feature a "Golden Rama Time" program.

You can experiment with Unreal Engine technology directly. Really & # 39; Meat Mike & # 39; s created by 90-Frame VR Real Time Rendering. The project will display detailed skirts and skins for digital humans in the siglof of 2017. GDC 2018- & # 39; Sillen & # 39; s digital photo experience of digital human experience with a visitor touch tone using a tune screen monitor. Technology.

In addition, Real Time Ray Tracing: Speed ​​of Light Experience Zone Siglo 2018 introduces the Real Typing Tec Demo. Porsche 911 Speedster Concept Car, NVIDIA Turing Architecture, and RTX Technology, and Unreal Engine's new rendering. A touch screen monitor experience.

With Apple's iPhone X, you're familiar with the FaceAr, Demo that will help create Face Capture data from all real engine using Apple ARKit's font tracking system. Apple ARKit provides the words and head information provided by the Live link plugin in real time, and clicking on & # 39; Boy & Cutting & # 39; You are really interested in managing fashion expressions and head movements as a character. .

Red Rover, Dukstor Studio, Nine MM. You have a partner space to work with an ultra-engine like interactive. & # 39; Red Rover & # 39; , The VR interactive animation you created using IP with Red Rover & # 39; nuggets & # 39; animation; Buddy VR & # 39; BDDI VR 2018 is a compilation of VR Animation and Game Components and has won the best VR Experience at the Venice International Film Festival.

A comprehensive studio, Dexter Studio, & # 39; Joe Area & # 39; , & # 39; From Earth & # 39; Etc.

& # 39; NINMM interactive & # 39; 3: 3 soccer game & # 39; superstar soccer & # 39; (Sensitive name) will be released. The 15 million downloadable recorders worldwide are & # 39; Alott Tennis & # 39; Superstar soccer is the second job of the NinmM Interactor Development. This game is a game that shows you the real games and graphics, and has a powerful arcade taste.

On the second floor of the booth, Partner Seminars have a separate conference room, with the convenience of Unreal Engine Developers and the convenient lounge area.

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