Saturday , June 10 2023

"Do not count doctors as cigars" … 12,000 doctors are protesting in the city


On November 11th, the Korean Medical Association (SOL) is organizing a third national national general's resume competition before Jun-Gai's Seoul Gate. (Photo: Shin Jung-seop)
[이데일리 신중섭 기자] "If your doctor asks for criminal responsibilities, you do not have a good judgment,

The Korean Medical Association (KMA) held a third national debate before the Dosan Palace in Sialoa, and said at 2 pm on November 11, "I have three doctors who have correctly diagnosed the patients and are considering doctors and thursors."

Doctors are on the streets for the third time in national and national disasters during December and May this year. The organizers believe that 12,000 people participated in the rally.

Doctors across the country called on their slogans and pigs, calling for "illegal doctors and health of people who are illegal" and "responsible for judicial immunization".

A 8-a-year-old army was killed in Hemingorom by the Sphygmatic Hernian at a meeting in the Geyangi province in 2013. The court produced three doctors to the court. It opened in volume.

"Court judgments that ignore the specialty of medical care are now a criminal offense, and therefore can be diagnosed with diagnosis of all doctors." The doctors' self criterion was destroyed. "

The chairman of the Korean Medical Association Association Lee Chloe-Ho said, "I pray to a child from the body of diaphragmatic hernias." Doctors can have a diarrheaic herni if ​​they see a child with abdominal pain.

"The rare case is a law that makes a doctor difficult to find a doctor." If the doctor gives you unexpected or bad results, do not do it. "

Lee Duck-Chul, chairman of the Korean Family Medicine Association, said, "Lee said that the emergency room was like a battlefield that imposes unexpected circumstances and unusual illness, diagnosis and treatment. "An Unknown Medical Procedure," I do not understand the specialties of medicine. "

In addition, 9 to 28 comprehensive settlement agreements, doctoral treatment options, improvement of patients, improving screening standards, and 5 types of medical equipment do not apply to a safe and secure environment.

"I agree with a national doctor's general strike, and I decide when and when to decide when to do it." Doctors have to go to jail even if their results are not okay. It needs to be modified. "

The President is in front of Blue House and reads the message in President Jan Jen.

Last month, a judge in the Suwon branch of Suwan district court recommended the 42-year-old girl accused of misusing her work in the Suhnam province. ) Every year he was sentenced to prison for one year in jail but was released on bail on March 9.

At that time, the court pointed out that "unusual symptoms of X-ray photos were apparent, and if they were as high as they were portrayed, it was a serious illness." "I can recognize the relationship between jobless carelessness and death."

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