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False Democracy Misconception in the Reorganization of the Election System


On the 28th morning, Democratic Peace Party Chung Dong-Yu and Democratic Peace Party representative Lee Jung-Mile requested both parties to request a complete representation of the parties. It has a joint resolution meeting.
▲ "interlocking proportional representation system" Sohan Haq-Guu of the Wright Party, young Chung Dong of Democratic Peace Party and Representative of the Ministry of Justice Lee Jung-Mill hold joint resolution to request proportionate representation of both parties to non-partisan interests in the tender hall for both parties.
Ⓒ Nam So Yeon

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"As you know, from 2015, Democrats have said that if the election system is constantly updated, it should be turned into an internal contingent representation. But before that, the story of Sokrosis was not a proportional representation," I was in a situation where I had my ears There was no doubt on.

In addition, the Democratic Party is in a hurry. We are changing the terms of the reconstruction of the election system. Head of the judicial department Lee Jung-Me, <김현정의 뉴스쇼>"I have no other choice than to doubt my ears." Recently the Democratic Party criticized the exit of the party's genetic representation system, which had plagiarized the party's last election.

Decisive voices do not come out of justice. The Right Future Party and the Democratic Peace Party are also pushing for the Democratic Party, which is inactive in the voting system reform. At the policy meeting held in the National Assembly on 27th December, the proportionate representation system associated with the presidential election, the general election and the presidential election were promised, said the ruling Grand National Party (GNP) spokesman Kim Guan-Yeong. And the Korean people request them to join the proportional representation system in the interlocking system rather than stick to absolute interests. "

Peace Party leader Chung Dong-Yuva, U.T.T. The LAMD criticized the Democratic Party to reorganize the election system on the same day with a radio interview. "I think people will not forgive," he said, "forgetting the will of those who give birth to this government."

On 25th, three parties like the Right Party, Peace Party and the Justice Party criticized Democratic Party Leader Li Hye-Chan and organized a press conference, who said that it is difficult to accommodate a proportional representation system in the National Assembly. On 28 October, the National Assembly held a decisive contest titled "Properly Proportional Presentation System, Decision of Both Right and Wrong" in the Tender Hall.

Li Ya-Chan's comment,

In addition, Democratic Party of Korea's representative Li Ya-chan, party leader & # 39; Jung-gu Hangbung & # 39; Greetings, who thinks about the future of the Democratic Party in the Soul Women's Plaza in Dabang-Dong, 2018.11.25
Representative Li Ya-chan In addition, the Democratic Party of Korea, Lee Jae-Chan's representative praised her in the "Jung-Ge Heating" debate about the future of the Democratic Party held in Seoul Women's Plaza in Debang-Dong, 2018.11.25
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It points out that the Democratic Party leader's remarks were dismissed when both parties faced Democratic Party with such a singular voice. Lee said, "If I introduce an Interlocking Contingent Representation System which is now being discussed, it is difficult to obtain a proportionate representation seat, and if so, I will recruit an executive representative or expert. It is difficult to accept because It is difficult to do the trouble. "

As the dispute is spread, the President has started developing as a false report. However, President's words continued to deny interlocking proportional representation. In a press conference held on December 23, he said that "Democratic Party representation is a proportional representation of party listing by region." We can grant some flexibility to compensate for the weakness of the contradiction; it is not a "thing to make three shameful party.

The simple majority of the Jen Minorities system has been criticized for breaking the people's rights seriously and for the sake of popular democracy. This is the reason that the voices of the election system are blown in all three levels of the night. On the other hand, proportional representation based on each other, which draws attention as an alternative to the small-scale electoral system, has the advantage of breaking the regionalism, which is a chronic disease of Korean politics, and rational policy between political parties inspires competition and finally the delegated democracy Makes strong

Religion, pledge, President's wishes …

The Democratic Party has adopted Proportional Representatives of the Party List by the Party. In August 2015, the Democratic Party (the New Political Democratic Union) was proposed by NEC, which voted in favor of proportionally represented by NEC. The Election Commission is not different from the proportional representation system, because it divides the nationwide vote-by-state and seats seats according to the vote-rate. In principle, however, NEC has made the theory that the district and proportional representation seats are two to one (200 districts and 100 proportional representatives).

Since then, the Democratic Party has often argued for a representation of the proportion of party roster based on the argument. The President's speech was also true. As well as in the 18th presidential election of 2012, during the last presidential election, the region enthusiastically gave voice to the election system to promote proportionate proportion of representation. Even after becoming President, President Chandra repeatedly expressed his desire to improve the electoral system.

Mr. Chandra's wish has been confirmed in the constitutional amendment of the government, in which it was decided that parliamentary seats should be distributed in a manner consistent with the wishes of the voters. "In the case of 20th general elections, the combined vote of Democratic Party and Shannon Party was approximately 65%, but shares of both parties were more than 80% and the combined vote of people and political parties was about 28%." In the future, I hope to improve the electoral law. So that the political will of the people can be completely reflected in the constitution of the National Assembly. "

However, there is a debate on the findings of election law. In the last provincial election, the ruling party is trying to strengthen the free Korean party proportion, which is hit by the minority election system, but now it is a good time to improve the electoral system. The biggest problem is that the mind has changed since the Democratic Party became the ruling party. The President, the President of the National Assembly and the three parties are active to reorganize the electoral system, but the Democratic Party, which is believed to be the protagonist, behaves differently than the previous one.

"Ten years ago, it took only three to four years for the fall of the Kumangang Tourism, the Gasesong Industrial Complex, and the welfare policies, which is not for 20 years, but for a long time … I see that no party to the center of improvement camp except our party. Not the ability.

We should only think and lead as a responsible party. "We are planning to modernize our party so that we can be ready for victory in the presidential election in 2022."

It is part of Lee's comment, which on the 25th day, & # 39; On the future of the Democratic Party & # 39; Jung-gee Heating-Democratic Parties Future 'attended the debate. Democrat's remorse is shown in his comment.

If you go to a proportional representation system, the number of seats will decrease. It is a similar vein that the negotiating institution is considering the criteria for securing representation seat seat. Majority of the party's psychology is trying to keep the interest sustained. This is the reason that the Korean government, who enjoys the benefits of the election system, is reluctant to improve the electoral system.

Democratic Party's "Modernization of the Party" can not be known for long-term ruling that involves a change in the reconstruction of the electoral system. However, it seems obvious that the Republicans of Korea, who have long been out of persecution of most parties in Lee's comment,

Need to discuss more? & # 39;

In addition to this, the leader of the Democratic Party Hong Young-Pao, Hong Young-Pao has called in the top committee held in the National Assembly on the 28th.
ઓ Speaking of all Hong Young-Paa In addition, Democratic Party leader Hong Young-Pao spoke at the top committee held on 28th morning.
Ⓒ Nam So Yeon

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On the other hand, Democratic Party leader Hong Young – the foundation appeared on the 28th and discussed the reconstruction of the controversial election system. He said that it is necessary to reform the electoral law to solve the current election system, some representatives and the problem of proportional problem, and the fact that it will not provide any specific electoral action. In fact, many things are different now. "

"If we actually go for a representation in the proportion of the German party list, we should make 50:50 structure," he said, "we have been in the system for many decades and there are active members who are aware of it and have rights there. 50:50 is not difficult to go. "

It is for the purpose of strengthening proportionalities, but it is necessary to discuss further because each party's status is different in relation to increasing public opinion and the number of members of Parliament.

Despite the Hong Kong delegation's agreement, it is true that the views of the Democratic Party are not mixed. The Democratic Party must clarify its position on the electoral system to remove the cold eye.

Hong said in his interview, "This is the best opportunity to improve the voting system." It is not surprising. It is more difficult to decide to change the electoral system. It took ten years for the Democratic Party to re-elect, but the fact is that the single seat constituency has not touched for 30 years, despite all the obstacles proved.

The Democratic Party should come out of the party's agenda and be actively involved in discussions about the reconstruction of the electoral system. Power is not eternal.

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