Thursday , July 29 2021

Fifty-year-old woman villain who abused police officer and spit on her face

Kuala Lampur, November 18 (XinhuaNet) – A court accused a 50-year-old woman to spit on the face of a railroad police officer, who was reported and interfered with the legal action of the railroad police officer.

Kim Ho-Suq, Judge Kim Ho-Suk, Commissioner of Prevention of Guwahati District law, announced on 25 January that A (53 females), who had convicted railway safety laws and violations of the offense, was sentenced to one year in jail.

A, two policemen who were reported at the Plaza of the Sunchen station in Genom province 7:55 on July 27th, reported that one person stops and committed a crime, when asked, the face of the railroad police officer on it, as well as the The railroad police officers trying to arrest were accused of spitting on the body like a loss.

There is also doubt in the attack on Shri Anne B (26, female), for any reason 48-cm To attack long branches, on 26th June, Puzzle Intercity wants to buy a bus ticket at a bus stop. On the same day, it was convicted for any reason for the attack on passenger C (25, female) for any reason.

The judge said, "I am not guilty of crime, I have repeatedly committed a crime without the crime, but I do not know that crime has been done, but mental illness is believed to be one of the causes of crime."

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