Sunday , June 20 2021

"Good communication with the world" … Orchestra's permanent concerto for young people with disabilities

InsightPhoto by Samsung Electro-Mechanics

[인사이트] The organizers have sponsored the Samsung Electro Mechanics stable youth with stable leadership led by Lee Yun-ti's president Lee Young-hoon.

On the eleventh day, SEMCO Fifth "Hello!" Guangzhou Art Center at Gangnam Hall, Aguagonging-Dong, Golf-Goal, Seoul. SEM Orchestral concert.

& Hello! Hello! Korea's first orchestra (SEM Orchestra) is only children with disabilities in Korea, founded in the Cultural Electric-Mechanics 2013 by the AB Art Green Attendless Foundation.

Samsung Electro – SEM & Orchestra, Musical Instruments, Lessons, Scholarships to find opportunities for children with disabilities through music and opportunities to communicate with the community.

& Hello! Hello! & # 39; SEM & # 39; In & # 39; SEM & # 39; Special Exxton Musician, & # 39; Samsung Electro Mechanics & # 39; Means.

& Hello! Hello! Since its founding in 2013, the SEM Orchestra has also done a regular concert. Every year, my expertise is growing and I'm deeply impressed by my parents and audiences.

InsightPhoto by Samsung Electro-Mechanics

Early performance was bad. Music's enthusiasm was vast, but there were many members who handled music instruments first.

On the fifth day of the show, it was the first concert to be presented with the best music full-baked school ballet.

"At first I liked the music, I had 60 percent members and did not handle this device." I received the result of special lessons attached to professional settings and special friends. "

"Hello! SEM Orchestra says people who are disabled can do that," I thank Semoku and my parents for helping us build our team. "

Lee Tsung-mong, managing director of Samsung's Electronic Devices Department, said: "I think the communication with the community through organizers will increase, and that musicians will succeed and increase the opportunities for a profound resource for the society."

Apart from Samsung Electronics Electro-Mechanics and SEM Orchestra, which is celebrated 45th anniversary this year, we train different charitable programs including free artificial joint operation, music for disabled children and badminton competitions for disabled people.

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