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"Hong Jin-you guys, keep my sister hi-hong sang to feed me from the morning" – Herald Economy


[사진=SBS ‘미운우리새끼’]
[헤럴드경제=모바일섹션] The son of Singapore Hong Jung Young passed through the Hong Sung Young Ugly Ducking.

On the 18th Broadcasting of SBS & # 39; Aguil Wu-Sakaki & # 39; Hong Jin, who starred with his sister, revealed his everlasting life.

On this day, Hong Son Young, while awakening in the morning, asked the HKJ's young man, "What are you going to eat for breakfast?" Hong Jin Young said "meat" is a short answer.

Before the TV opened, the two met and danced as soon as the singing danced.

Hong Jung Young's first son, Hong Son, made a partnership between his sister's song and was a musician. I appreciate the recognition of the actors as "the shape of the dramatic art." The song was sung in the morning, song, tracking and popping songs.

After the delivery of the delivery, there were two sisters. The Hong Jin, who ate a lot of rice, looked at her sister and said nothing, "I do not die because of fat," she laughed.

Since then, Hengsar has been in full diet diet. Hong Jin and the young man asked her sister, "When are you going to go to the gym?" She said, "A few days before I went to the gym I felt like eating rice." She said, "When you eat, do not eat.

Hong Jin's sister was worried about her sister's health. Diet is recommended. They will start eating from next year, "she said.

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