Tuesday , May 17 2022

Hong Nam-ki "16.5 trillion SoC projects run fast in second half"


    Hong bowed

Photo: YONHAP News

Deputy Prime Minister Hong Nam-ji and Minister for Strategy and Finance 14th said, "We will be running a KRW 16.45 trillion SOC project, which includes public lease construction of KRW 5.21 trillion, KRW 5.9 trillion roads and KRW 5.2 trillion. "

"In addition, we will increase the productivity and safety of the construction industry by 2025 by promoting KRW260 billion R&D," he said in a statement to all economic vitality meetings chaired by Seoul's government office on this day. "

Mr Hong said, "We will amend 26 rules such as reducing the unnecessary costs and improving the management conditions of the construction industry, simplifying the total project cost change process and rationalizing the construction capacity evaluation system."

He also said, "We will increase the adequacy of estimating cost, bidding and bidding and construction cost estimates to safeguard strong construction in the construction process and change the bidding and bidding method."

Mr Hong said, "The main purpose of the construction industry's zeal was to solve site problems, improve rules, improve construction conditions and add value."

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